Saturday, February 1

When his parents died, he ceased to exist!

He had what we generally term as chronic pain. His back ache had become a part of his new life. Whatever he did, wherever he was, he always talked about his back ache. It got repetitive after a while but no one really said him so. After all, both his parents had just died few weeks ago.

He had a little sister, who he didn’t talk to at all, not even about his chronic ever-lasting back ache. She was 14.   

They lived in a two storied home with their relatives, father’s brother’s family. Uncle had been very kind to them, provided the whole upper floor for the two of them or I should say one of them, because he was never seen. They were concerned about him and the little girl, and it showed but it was tragic how he missed all of that.

No one really knew when he was home and when he wasn’t. He walked like a shadow, quiet and cold, pale and white. His eyes seemed to be distant and forlorn; his shoulders seemed to carry the weight of the whole world. With his parents, his spirits had also left it seemed. He just talked about his back pain all the time. He kept on muttering it under his breath, ‘Oh! The pain! My back’, he’d say. His one hand was always massaging his back, although not really in any productive manner. His one hand was always there, while taking a bath, while eating, while smoking cigarettes. Cigarettes after cigarettes, cigarettes after cigarettes. Even after he left the room, the smell lingered. You could smell the poison that was reeking up his lungs, destroying it bits by bits every second. Whenever he said anything, you could see tiny puffs of smoke coming out of his mouth. His voice always choked and some words always got lost. But he kept repeating like a cassette gone bad, ‘Oh! The Pain! My back!’ She offered him help, she asked him if she wanted her to fix a doctor’s appointment, ‘now I can, I just have to ring up this number’ but he never replied, he never looked at his sister who claimed she could fix an appointment with the doctors now right from her phone.

Saturday, January 25

Xavotsav 2014!

There are voices playing in my head, I can still hear them screaming, ‘where are the PR sheets?!’, ‘Inform all the reps for the time and venue change’, ‘I’ve sent my OC to collect the Events list’, ‘why haven’t the judges score sheet reached yet?’, ‘where are all the volunteers!’, ‘Bhaiya, give me some work!’ These voices are so distinct and so clear that I can picture the faces saying them, all the super pretty faces that I could’ve punched out of frustration.

The desk is in total chaos, there are far too many people standing there without any idea of the work they have to do, asking, frowning, asking again and there are more people rushing in, asking for lists we haven’t made yet, asking for participants that haven’t arrived yet, asking for food that isn’t even our department, and asking us to shut the fuck up because we’re partial and we didn’t give them the slot they wanted, the slot that they so rightly deserved!  

Tuesday, January 14

I quit smoking three times today!

Cigarette, the minute I mention it to someone, they go crazy. ‘You smoke?!!? That’s so stupid and irresponsible. How can you smoke?! You will die.’ Almost everyone says this same gibberish. There’s just too much negative publicity smoking gets. Everywhere you go you can see people giving you sermons about smoking and its dreadful results, ‘you’ll get cancer’, ‘you’re going to get killed’, ‘don’t stand in front of me and smoke, I am the most pious person and I consume only the freshest oxygen and I drink water that comes directly from the Gangotari’.

Smoking sure kills and I have no facts to prove otherwise, no motives as well. But you know what the deal is, rash driving kills, unhygienic food kills, stunts on bikes kill, being irresponsible kills, messing with the wrong people kills, drowning kills, crossing the road like a dimwit kills, cancer kills, sharks kill, a coconut falling on the head kills, heart attack kills, everything kills. We are all slowly and steadily decaying anyway. Soon, we will be set on pyres or cremated or just left out in the cold with nothing to look forward to in blissful peace and tranquility. We all are going to be there someday, maybe I, a smoker, would go some years ahead. But don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re doing something better with your life just by not smoking. I have seen people get drunk and create a ruckus and when I offer them a smoke, they refuse with that polite smile of their all-knowing self, ‘Vineet yaar, I don’t smoke, it’s not good for our health.’ Right! 

Wednesday, January 1

Dhoom 3 Review: The Unintentional Funny

Dhoom 3 Review: The Unintentional Funny

I've watched the movie in parts. I had to take stress breaks. I’ve written the review while watching the movie as well so it’s pretty abstract. It also contains spoilers but I don’t think that is going to hamper your movie watching experience in any way.

I highly recommend you read it once after watching the movie.

Summary of Dhoom 3

  • Action scenes are comical and comical scenes are sad. They are still using the jokes based on Uday Copra’s weak English. Didn’t we have enough of that in the last two movies? Most of the stunts are lifted from Dhoom 2. Aamir just replaces Hrithik in every frame. At least, Hrithik could dance better. The action scenes that are new are so cringe worthy that you’d really have to be patient to not cry or sarcastic-clap. And why does the car that explodes has to land right ahead the spot where the wheelie stops so everyone is unscathed? I mean can we have something new in stunts dept. please?

Grab the offers!

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