Tuesday, December 20

3 tips for the better YOU!

#3 This World doesn't revolve around YOU!

Yes, you heard me right, this world, which you see around you, is not actually revolving around you, until, of course, you are the Sun. The point here is, many a times we think HE or SHE did that because they wanted to take revenge, they wanted to hurt me, they wanted to show me.
But NO, he or she did what they did because they wanted to. Trust me, they don't even think about you as much as you think they do. Maybe they cared for you at some point in time, but things change. What you should do is get a life of your own, and move on. If you are unique, they are as well!

#2 Learn to give 'No damn'!

And even if the world, or some part of it, revolves around you, it’s not your fault, you can't control everything, you can't convince everyone. No matter how good you think you are doing, some people somewhere will still hate you to the core.
So, stop worrying about why they said that, stop thinking, the minute you waste thinking about them, is the minute you waste not thinking about people who really matter.
Even Alexander couldn't win everyone, who the fuck are you?

#1.You are not a politician, don't act like one!

These days, I have seen this urge in everyone to be politically correct, to be diplomatic while stating their views on something, including me. We don't want someone to get offended. We want to be good in everyone eyes. At what cost? When you think about it, we are really lying, not only to ourselves but also to those who we are being politically correct to.

Last day only, I was discussing something with a friend, she was about to voice her opinion, just then, a strange thing happened, she stopped herself, and after some 10 seconds of filtering her words, spoke again in a manner only politicians speak. I asked her, why she did that. And she had no answer.

We all do that, because we have been taught to, we are told to not hurt someone's feelings, and so, we keep on, wearing that mask, the mask which says, 'I am going to agree with you no matter how bullshitted your statement is.' Starting from today, try to be honest with everyone, you may lose some friends and if you do, believe me, it would be the best thing for you.


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