Monday, December 12

I need to FOCUS, oh see, there's a mosquito on my screen!

Don't you have the same problem? The lack of focus? Especially when you are studying for exams? It happens with me as well, I start something and suddenly I realize, I am thinking about something completely else.

Anyways leave that, you know what is tomorrow? I have this Accountancy exam, and need I say how badly I have to study? Bunk that, I went to the KFC, and I ordered a pizza, but the movie had a half baked plot, so they called in to check if my mobile had gotten ported, but just then, it was in the news, Indian team was in Australia to kick some ass and I was so happy, my Di got engaged. Well, I would agree with you on this, Kolaveri Di is a great song, but I don't think we should watch Big Boss because everything of Sunny Leone can be found anywhere on the Internet, instead of that, we should do some yoga because it helps, yeah, it is a fact, Baygon kills mosquito, if not, use paragon, but kill them. They are a hazard, I heard, they make your hair weaker, you should always use good shampoo to get rid of the dandruff or you might get a severe headache, because cold drink hurts in many ways you don't know.

Wait....wait wait... I was talking about my 'habit' of losing focus all the time? Well, how lucky thou art to witness such a glorious example. Art, which by the way needs a lot of patience, as it should be presented at the precise moment. Oops, I spelled fart wrong in the above line. Fart should be presented at the precise moment. In the 20 years of the life being lived, you must have at least once faced a situation when you just couldn't help it and.....need I say?

Anyways, so coming back to the topic, do you have the same habit too? And it kind of, multiplies to infinity, when you are studying?

So, how to focus?

One thing that can/should/must be done is trying to enjoy what you read, once you do that, it'd feel a lot less burdensome, trust me. You know the feeling when you get something new and you want to show off? A bike or a make-up box? OK, make up BOXES. Think of studying in the same way, show off your knowledge, show off what you learnt today, and it will help. Well, this article is getting too lengthy to read. So, I would stop here, I hope you find this letter of mine in good health, do pass my love to Uncle and Aunt, fuck, it happened again, FOCUS!

[This has been written in a light-hearted manner, please take it as so. Image Credits- devianART]


  1. yes yes i losse my focus too
    who cannot loose the focus in 'hte lost';)

  2. This one is awesome dude!
    but we could have got more awesome aalu tikki in MacD yesterday,and u know yesterday I studied till 4 in the morning,but at the same time I shud say that morning walk is good for health,n yes when goods are sent on consignment, ownership doesn't pass to the consignee..OH God!Im not gonna pass in EVS! had pass-pass mouth freshner,that was awesome.bhak!!!
    arey han! awesome..this one is 2 awesome! HEAVY! :P

  3. @Neeru :D
    hahaha, yours one is good as well, FOCUS! :P