Sunday, December 18

Without 'areer', cAREER is just C for chutiyapa!

[Not a P.S- I seriously don’t know the spelling of arrear, every time I write arrear, this spell-checker underlines it with red. my arrear here means flunking in an exam, so that you have to give it the next year.]
So yeah, it is the truth, no matter how much you deny it, or how much you take pride in passing all your exams gracefully, a career without any arrears is like Vinod Kambli without his tears, TOTALLY USELESS and BORING!
There are so many advantages of getting arrears in your exams and plus it is so much fun.
But, first, let's talk about this myth that people have.

"Those who are intelligent don't get arrears; those who get arrears are not intelligent."

Really? No.
If only you analyzed the spelling of Career.
Believe me, when I tell you, we are as intelligent or smart as you 'topper' are. It's just that we know how to have fun and have a life unlike MANY of you. Sorry, if I sound rude at this point. This was for someone.

Moving on, let's just talk about arrears and their benefits-
1. You don't have to miss the party just before the exam day, if any.
2. You can laugh at your friends who are studying for the exams; you can disturb them by calling at a random time asking some random questions about some random subject.
3. When you are giving your exam, you can write all kinds of crap.
Try "Sir, I am very poor, I don't have money to buy the Galaxy Tab and 'the most expensive iPhone ever', if I don't pass in this exam, no company would give me job. Sir, I would be doomed, boomed. Please sir, give me marks."
Obviously you won't pass, but its fun, nonetheless.
4. Once, you get an arrear, you are out of college politics. LIKE all-out. And since, you are out of politics, you can tell anyone how you could have become the CR [or G-Sec, if you are douche enough] if it wasn't for your arrear. 
5. AND the best of all. When you give your exam again, you get to sit with your juniors, ogle at the girls, read the quotes on their t shirt or just stare at their t shirt, tell them lies about college, scare them, tell them how politics suck, and how you HAD to get an arrear to be out of it, laugh at their jokes, let them think they are funny, girls LIKE that, ask them their phone numbers, prove them you are a douche. 

this post is not the best, I KNOW, i just hadn't written anything, so!

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