Sunday, January 8

Don't give up on Love, it was never supposed to be easy!

Penetrating through the window the beams of moonlight fell on her arms that were trying to escape his manly hands. Attempting to get away at first, they almost gave up and held them tightly as if she wanted to confirm herself, they are hers, and he is hers. Something was there, indescribable in words. Something only they understood, something only they could see. Easier way to say it is they were in love. Love that people see in the movies, love that people long for, it was that love, it was their love. It had no boundaries, it was not confined within the shabby beliefs of the society.

She lied down on his chest and was going on and on about something. Telling him about how her day went off, not missing a single detail; how she ate nothing, and yet managed to stay alive, how she had to bargain with the shopkeeper to save a few rupees, she also told him how she loved him and wanted him to be on her side eternally. Her silvery voice unified with the sounds of two hearts that were pumping together filled the whole room with magic. Clock was busy watching them, it forgot to tick, and time seemed to have stopped. After all the glorious adventure telling, she asked him, ‘Vineet would you love me the same way after 50 years as you do now? Would you take me as yours forever?’

Not getting any response, she looked up to his face and saw something so sweet that tears rolled out, her love being tired of today’s work, had slept. She smiled at his innocence, kissed him on his cheeks, and slept, wrapped in his arms, on his chest.


What really happens!

“Hi, so how was your day?” she asked him. “It was pretty hectic, I am exhausted, my back is aching, I think …” even before he could complete his sentence she cut him off and started her own tales, she told him how she was starving the whole day and accused him for not being a good caretaking boyfriend, then she jumped off to her shopping stories and told him how the shopkeeper was trying to trick her into paying extra money. One more allegation followed, this time she didn’t like her boy friend’s absence while she was shopping. So many complaints she had, one could only wonder how they managed to stay in the relationship.
She then asked him, if he would go shopping with her the next day. There was no reply from the other end of the phone; she asked him again, the same thing, louder. Yet no reply. ‘Vineet, you can’t bloody sleep on the phone man, what the heck, am I not tired as much as you are, you think only you work and we all just rest the whole day’. How could someone sleep on the phone she wondered! Someone tell her, he is sleeping and can’t pay attention to her. Someone did, her conscious maybe. She cut the call and furiously typed some SMS’s which would serve as the grounds for the coming storm and then she slept cursing him unendingly.

What’s my point?

Okay, so now, what is the moral of this story? There is no prince coming for you on the horse, nor is there a princess waiting for you. Your boyfriend or girlfriend is as miserable as you are. They have problems as well. They have things to deal with. They have people to answer to.

If you still think someone would come along the way and promise to take you to the fairy land, it is not going to happen. If you still think, you can manage a relationship like they show in Twilight movies, that’s not going to happen. Edward Cullen doesn’t exist. Stop fancying Princess Diana. GET REAL.

You will have fights on the silliest of issues; you will break up every week, every day; you will have intimacy issues, over-possessiveness issues. The journey of love is not simple. It will take a lot of commitment and responsibility. So if you are not really in love, don’t embark on this journey. It will test you, break you.
But if gone right, it will make YOU!

चाँद तारे तोड़ने वाले लोग अब ना मिलेंगे तुमको,
दुनिया से लड़ के तुम्हे जीतने वाले लोग अब ना मिलेंगे तुमको,
एक वो जो जीवन भर साथ निभाए,
एक वेसा ही कोई मिल जाए तो जीवन सफल हो जाए!