Wednesday, February 22

People do wonderfully crazy things when they're utterly BORED!

Okay, it’s not a story, I am really tired of writing stories, it’s one of those osLt posts, where I am going to write random thoughts and dreams and stuff like that. You get it, right?
So I didn’t really read any book in a week or two, didn’t even watch a single movie, I don’t know where my time goes, I don’t talk to many people, I don’t go to the gym, I don’t go to my driving school, still I am busy. My mind is busy, I think. The only answer I have is what my girlfriend told me last night, ‘Vineet believe it or not, you have got this crazily fucked up writer’s mind which is constantly looking for new ideas, constantly searching for good articles to copy from, to steal from.’ It’s flattering and the last part might even be true.
It’s funny how people lie when you need them to. And I am just talking about your love, even Moms do that. You remember how I used to go to gym [those old days] and watch movies there, I told you in an earlier post. Anyways so every day I used to do the same, GO TO GYM, WATCH TV, and RETURN HOME. But every single day my mom used to tell me, ‘Beta you’re looking good day by day.’ It was so sweet.
Also, I have recently [after watching American Beauty] started observing human expression, LIKE in real time. Its freaky I know. I keep on looking at someone’s, anyone’s face to see how it works. You’d think am crazy, but trust me, sometimes you see the most beautiful thing, that smile, which is very real you know, when people smile to themselves thinking about good times. You’d really hate to be my girlfriend right now, well, you don’t have to be, I am officially committed. When you think about it, a boy is ALWAYS committed to some girl; it’s just that the girl doesn’t know!
Oh wait, I checked the blog’s topic now, I wanted to tell how okay it is to be bored sometimes. It’s only then you do something, you wouldn’t have normally thought of doing which actually ends up being something really good. Take this blog for an example; I still remember the evening when I wrote my first entry and see where it is now. So be bored at times, you don’t know what your free mind will make you do.
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