Friday, March 2

Arranged Marriage: Something else in disguise?

[THIS IS A SEQUEL. Do read the first part of the story before reading this, here- Arranged marriage-A gamble with your kid’s life!]

It’s been 2 months now, since that Sunday, when Maanvi was unnoticeably forced to engage with a guy she barely knew. 2 months is a very short time for any big changes. Her routine of the day was as before with a slight change in ‘getting up from bed early’ habits. After engagement she used to get up at 9 instead of 7 and the reasons were obvious. She talked to her fiancée till late night. But last night was different. Last night, she talked to someone else, last night she talked to Vineet. She had lied to her fiancée about a headache and told him she’d sleep. Vineet had requested her to talk to him, just for the last time. A request she couldn’t disapprove. This is what happened last night-
‘Hi, so how is your husband treating you?’ remarked Vineet with a smirk.
‘Vineet, stop that! He is a very nice and caring guy and you know what, I kind of like him.’
‘Oh, more caring than me? Nicer than me?’ It looked as if the sole motive of Vineet’s call was to irritate her with questions that helped no one.
‘Yes, in fact, he is, he doesn't make me cry every now and then for petty issues, he doesn’t shout at me whenever he is mad at someone else!’ She was getting irritated with the purposeless questions Vineet had. She could have hung up the phone then and there.

‘That is the whole point Jaan, HE IS A VERY NICE GUY, my friends know him from college, and he is “nicer than me” anyways.’ Suddenly Vineet’s tone had changed, it sounded more authoritative and responsible. ‘And look, your family members are not fools, they were ‘after’ this guy since one year, if you know what I mean’
‘How do you know all this?’ the girl was curious. Vineet was telling her stuff about her marriage she herself didn’t know,
‘Aunty called me last night and told me everything. You had stopped talking to her after that day so she thought maybe I could talk to you and…’
‘So this is why you’re talking to me Vineet? Because my mom wanted?’ She cut him in between, she was furious now.
‘No, I wanted to talk to you…’
‘Listen I am hanging up the phone, I don’t want anyone’s pity’
‘Aey, why are you so irritated? Is it that time of the month?’ asked Vineet with a wicked grin.
‘Yes’ she said embarrassed, and they both started laughing wholeheartedly. Aah, they both knew each other so well, the festive times they had in college, the lovely bond they shared. It all started coming back to her; the tears building up in the corner of her eyes were evidence enough.
‘Vineet, I will miss you yaar.’ Talking to Vineet had hit the chord which was untouched so far; tears could turn into cry any moment now.
Vineet himself was a little upset, as now they wouldn’t get to talk to as much as they did, but still, something was better than nothing. And they always had a promise to remain each other’s friends even after marriage.
He spoke, ‘Arey, you idiot, listen, I talked to Mr. Husband two days back, and I told him everything, minus the holding of hands and the kisses obviously. He is okay with us talking. So you won’t actually have to worry about missing me, just give me a call whenever you want.’
‘What happened? He was really fine with it. In fact, I asked him before calling you as to if I could call and he had absolutely no problems’
‘WHAT? He knows we’re talking? Fuck Vineet. I told him I had a headache and I'd sleep. And I told him a week ago about our relationship, without minus-ing anything, so when you talked to him, he already knew everything. EVERY SINGLE THING. Why did he say he was okay with it? Vineet this is confusing man!’
‘umm maybe because he loves you and he couldn’t….’
‘You’re serious na? You know he never had a girlfriend. I am the first girl in his life.' Now her head started to work and it came to its conclusion, 'Oh my God, I love this guy, I FUCKING LOVE MY PRINCE!’ She was over-joyous. Happy tears were understandable now. You could see THE smile. She was finally happy with her life. Everything seemed planned.
‘What? What about me?’ Vineet was not going to give up on the fun he could have with Maanvi and he had a strong case after what she had just said.
‘Oh, darling, you’re the one I am going to have an extramarital affair with!’
‘Hahahahaha’ and they both laughed and laughed till their stomach hurt. They knew it was the best result there could be. They knew everything was going to fall into pieces. They knew life was unpredictable, but with support of your loved ones, it was a joyride. 
‘Vineeeeeettt, you have promised me that we’d be friends always? But what if your wife is a BITCH?’ and they laughed again rather hysterically this time.
Maanvi cut the call after she wished Vineet all the best for his search of a non-bitch wife. She lied down on her bed and started thinking about her husband who had to go through so much to make her happy. She started thinking about her marriage, about the different ceremonies, what she would wear, how she would look, where they would go for….a mischievous smile followed.
 She sent a message to him and slept smilingly. It read-
I love you <3

Maybe, I was wrong, big things happen in 2 months. People fall in love with each other. Maybe, arranged marriage is another form of love marriage. Maybe!


  1. Completely disagree......its quite impossible to find guys like maanvi"s husband, and really really tough to 4get 1st love of ur life......

  2. I think its very less probable but not impossible and anyway Mr. Husband is not shown as the common husband we see. Think of it this way, the husband is a smart and rationale guy and he knows he HAS make Maanvi fall in love with him, which he successfully did as you can see in the end.
    And I don't really agree with the second part of your sentence. It has become more a duty to NOT forget your first love rather than being something natural, I suppose. And even if it is, it should be considered that Maanvi couldn't do anything.
    As I said, this is the best result there could be.
    Thanks :)