Friday, March 16

Driving Test just like Rockstar, the movie?

Have you guys seen the movie Rockstar, starring Ranbir? Oh wait, let me first tell you what happened with me yesterday-
Okay, so you know I started learning driving a couple of months back and yesterday I gave the driving test. When you think about a driving test, what comes to your mind? You think they’ll ask you to drive the car in real traffic, with real cars and buses and autos everywhere around you running for a little space in the rat race, with abuses of course. And then for the theory part they’ll ask you questions related to driving itself, questions like what would you do when you’re stuck with a punctured tyre? Would you be able to change them? And how would you do that? And stuff like that.
When I was told about the date of my driving test a few weeks back by the driving school I got nervous, because it was a test, and you're supposed to. I came home and asked my brother who had given such test two years back for help. He told me I didn’t need help. He added that’s not because I was an excellent driver, I pretty much suck, but the thing is, they would make it a competition of who'd suck more rather than driving. I didn’t understand that until yesterday.
Anyways, so yesterday, I had to report to my Driving School by 9 in the morning as told by them, and from there I was to be taken to the place where the test would be held. When I reached the place, the office, I was surprised to see around 40 other people who were there to give the test. I had a college exam later in the evening, so I did the math. I allotted one person 15 minutes for his test. It was enough, wasn’t it?
40 people*15 minutes each+1 hour for unforeseeable delay=11 hours?
Okay, 11 hours wasn’t possible, so I reduced per person’s test time to 10 minutes and the result came as 8 hours or something. Stop laughing. I wasn’t using a calculator then. My calculations were also disturbed as just then, we were told to reach the spot where the test would be held BY OURSELF.
So, I being the douche I am, followed the others and in about 15 minutes I was there. The place was a normal place with roads and trees and stuff. What was disturbing was there were some other driving schools that had come there with their students for the same test. Around four or five just like us. I didn’t even do the math now; there were 100 students or maybe even more than that, I knew I had to miss my college exam for this.
And the test started and got completed in an hour. YES NO TYPOS, ONE HOUR. Each one got around 17 seconds in the car in which he had to just drive it ten feet in the first gear and bring it right back after showing some signals with their hands. That’s it. 15 seconds and you’re a driver. The theory test was only for ladies. I mean we weren’t asked anything, only the lady with us was. The officer in charge wanted to talk to a lady. I don’t know. What else would the reason be?
I was happy in a way as now I could go home and study for the exam. But you know how God really is! We were told that we had to go some Driving License Authority Office or something to get our documents signed and a ‘cool’ pic of ours clicked.
Like the last time, I followed the others and reached the place. There was a line, the line you see in hindi movies in a ‘chawl’ scene where the director wants to show us how the poor ladies stand all day in front of the single tap with many mugs and ‘baltis’ in hands, to get the normal drinking water. You can picture it right? The getting documents signed and picture taken took more than the test itself and it left me wondering if it was about the test at all? I think not. The motive behind all this is you get a license whether or not you know driving. Test is just a mediocre way of the authority’s fooling our parents. This stupid test and distribution of license is the reason behind so many accidents when half learned drivers such as me are allowed on roads just by driving the car for 20 seconds and PAYING the money where they ask.

So yeah I was asking you about Rockstar, have you seen it? When you hear the movie’s title you think about how cool it would be, or how rockstar-ish it would be. The movie starts in a rockstar fashion. But after sometime you realize that it’s a romantic genre movie with great music maybe an unconventional storyline and screenplay and direction, but still not anyway near your expectations of a rockstar-ish movie. A driving test my friend is just like that and so is this post. Unjustified to what it states in the beginning! 

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