Wednesday, March 28

Whatever you heard about HIM could be true or!

I was sitting down on my chair sipping coffee. The internet never looked so gloomy and uninteresting; it was my fourth straight hour at the computer. My back had started to ache an hour ago, though it hardly mattered. Just out of boredom, I opened my other Gmail account that wasn’t used since months. I came across a mail from an year ago that had changed everything around me-

“So, you know, I and Vineet met today at the college, there wasn’t much of a crowd there at that time of the day. He was really happy to see me, I could tell it by his face.  We were sitting on the benches. You know, he came and sat right beside me, and we started talking. He was getting late but he stayed. And then after thirty minutes of talking he held my hand and came close and said those magical three words. You know, right?
You know I was so happy, like really happy. It was the perfect day for me, just the perfect day. We behaved like we were in relationship. I wrote my name on his hand. Can you believe that?
There are so many things that happened you know, he asked me if I’d marry him. Yeah. No kidding. He did that. And I said yes. I don’t know, I love him so much, I want to eat him. And he loves me back. <3”

I have in my memory quite accurately those days when this message was in circulation. Everyone around me received the message, I don’t know how. And they had started doubting my intentions, my values. There were jokes made on my name as I had committed-according to the mail-an evident but unforgettable sin: two timing. Maanvi, who only knew what I told her, forwarded this to me. She wanted to confirm if whatever it said was true. She was furious, needless to say, yet she had full faith in me. I told her the actual truth and how bloody mercilessly it was manipulated. This is what the actual truth was-

“Hey, I told you, I can’t meet now, because it’s not proper”. I told Preksha on the phone. I was in a relationship now, and I knew I couldn’t just mess around.
“What? A friend meeting another friend is not proper? In which world? And it’s just that we haven’t met in ages and tomorrow I have some time off, so…and anyways my friends will be there, so don’t worry, I won’t rape you or something!”,
“Still, I don’t think it’s a good idea.”
“Okay, listen I am going to Bangalore for further studies next week, so wont you even meet me once before I leave?”
“Okay 11.15 tomorrow.”
“Yay, thanks! See you tomorrow. Love you”
“Do I have to specify, ‘as a friend’?
“Leave, bye. See you!”

I got up late in the morning, at around 9.30 and checked my phone: 12 Miss Calls and 15 messages, I knew I had to rush. In half hour I was ready to leave. Suddenly, my mom said, ‘Beta, where are you going?’
‘To meet a friend maa!’ I told her with an artificially natural smile. I was shaking. Maanvi had called me and asked me to be careful. She never had issues with me meeting girls or something; it’s just that Preksha wasn’t the most loyal of girls.
I took a cab from my residence which would take me directly to the spot in 30 minutes. The cab driver told me, ‘An accident took place in that area, you’d have to walk 500 meters.’ I was not really happy, not because of the walk, but because I felt like nature didn’t want this to happen.
I reached the point where I had to leave the cab. I gave him the money and started walking.
I reached the destination. I saw her with her friends; they were all sitting on the Green Benches of our college. I went up there and greeted them with a smile. I would have avoided sitting beside her but there was no other seat available. Soon, we all began talking and I started feeling comfortable. There were some movements under the table; she kept her hand on my lap, no one could see it. I was getting uncomfortable, but I didn’t want to upset her as she was going to Bangalore for the further studies and this could be the last time we meet. Quite neatly I held that hand of hers in my hand to avoid that uneasiness. After some time, her friend winked at me and said they need to go. I couldn’t understand the gravity of the situation and the wink before they had all left. It was just the two of us now. There wasn’t much of a crowd. She started writing her name on my shirt. I didn’t want my shirt to be ruined by ink, so I gave her my hand instead. We talked for a while, and before leaving I might have said a formal meaningless ‘I love you’ to her, only because she had said the phrase umpteen times.

I knew things turned out unexpectedly and everything good or bad has consequences. That girl never went to Bangalore. I felt cheated. I felt dumb. I shut down myself for some days, I stopped talking to people. There were some who believed me and believed I wasn’t ‘that’ wrong in doing what I did then. Maanvi was one of them. :) 

What’s my point?

Truth is not what you hear; it is much more complicated, it is much more secretive. The first thing you hear about an incident is probably not true. The things you hear from other people is merely their version of truth. They add what they like, or what they think the listener would like, and while adding some lies they subtract some truths. So when that truth reaches you, it is heavily changed. It might have no relations with the actual incident. 
So have faith in people who are closest to you, believe in them, or at least search for the whole truth before taking an action. Because there are things that are more grandeur than someone’s version of truth or someone’s trying to get the attention. There is love. There is compassion. There is forgiveness. And there is one person who can change you even in little fractions for good. Don’t lose him, just based on someone’s weak interpretation about him. Because whatever you have heard about him, could be true, OR IT COULD BE AS FAKE AS THE BITCH WHO TOLD YOU ALL THAT.