Monday, May 7

How even a douche bag can get into your online accounts!

Okay, so today one of my cousin’s Facebook account got hacked. The Gmail account, which she used to log in into Facebook, also got hacked. And now it seems like there is nothing she can do. The funny thing about this is that it was not done by a professional hacker or something. She remembers telling her password to someone at work which probably got her accounts compromised. You know, half of the accounts that get hacked are because of our own faults.

I have around 150+ accounts on different sites and I think I am secure. I use a unique password on every site and I remember every one of them [I am genius, till you read the end of this post!]

I have written this post to share how I protect my online accounts from getting hacked. Here are some tips-

Don’t tell your password to anyone-I had a girlfriend two years back and we were in love and stuff like that, so I asked her if she’d tell me the passwords of her online social accounts. She being in love with me gave me all her passwords and I noted them down. Soon, we broke up and I got pissed off so I hacked her account. I logged into her account and added my email id as one of the recovery email addresses. So whenever she changes her password, I get an email. She doesn’t even know what’s happening. I can check all her messages, the people she talks to, the sites she visits, the pages she likes, everything. I don’t know why I do that but its fun!

Don’t fill out the Security Question thing- When I was writing and researching about this post, I tried getting into one of my friend’s account. She uses a Hotmail ID to log in. I went to hotmail and clicked on ‘Forgot password’ link. Now the funniest thing happened. In the password recovery option, the question was, ‘What is the name of your first pet?’ I didn’t know it, so I messaged her saying, ‘I am thinking about getting a dog, but I don’t know…you ever had any pet dogs?’ She immediately replied saying, ‘yeah dogs are so cool you know, I had one, Diesel, he died a year ago :/’ I shared the sympathy for two minutes and tried to reset the password. VOILLAA. I am a hacker now!!! I have her hotmail password now and I can log in into her Facebook anytime I want. So don’t fill out that thing, and if you can’t get in without that, use some random data.
This is a sample of Facebook Security Questions. Don’t you know these things about your friends?

Use Gmail and keep it bloody organized- I assume you know about Gmail Labels and all. Here’s one of the many blog posts that will help you through it-Keep Gmail organized. While you change to Gmail, also remove other email ID’s associated with your Facebook account.

Use Google Two step verification and Google Authenticator- I have seen people who use their Yahoo ID or MSN ID to log into Facebook. If someone hacks these accounts, which are pretty easy, they can easily get into your Facebook account and many accounts associated with it. What you should do is, use a Gmail ID for Facebook. And then use two-step verification on Gmail. You can read about it by clicking the above link.

Enable Login Notifications on Facebook-I think you know about it, and probably use it as well. I suggest use it properly. It will send you email and text notifications when someone tries logging into your account. Check your emails regularly, because texts might not come due to mobile operators’ issues and TRAI and stuff like that.

Have a unique password for every site- Now this one is difficult [only if you have no technology knowledge]. There are many sites you visit just like that. I call them a one-time sites. Someone tells you this site is cool and you open it. When you land on their homepage, you are told to make an account. So you create an account with the Gmail ID and keep the same password [who would think of a different password for this petty site and then remember that, right?] These petty sites that you give your information so easily are actually not as secure as Google and Facebook [This one I am not sure about].So what you should do is use this free software, LastPass. It is THE most securest thing I have ever seen. It is a password manager. It can generate unique passwords for the one-time sites and then store it into its database. It can also store all your other passwords and automatically log you in once you have authorized it and logged it into LastPass. The best thing about it is, even it doesn’t not know your passwords. They use some encryption and stuff like that. The only password you'll have to remember-

The rules of online security-
  • The first rule of a good password is you do not talk about your passwords!
  • The second rule of good password is YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT your PASSWORDS!
  • The third rule of good password is you do not use the most common passwords.
  • The forth rule of good password is you do not fill out the Security Question
  • The fifth rule of good passwords is you use Facebook Login Notifications, Google Two step verification and LastPass.
Now, gentleman, you can’t forget your LastPass password, because they DON’T know it. And you have to use it efficiently, like I said on the one-time sites by generating a temporary password. You have to understand that online identity has become very important in our times, and also the amount of data we share on these social networking sites. Think about what will happen if someone hacks into your FB account and reads and shares all your private messages to the world. Don’t take it lightly. Take an hour from your miserable life which you are going to waste anyways and change your security settings. We are no security experts by any chance, but there’s always something we can do to protect ourselves.
The hope you read this in the way I intended!


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