Monday, May 28

It was difficult for me to actually hold back those tears!

'I don’t like this feeling; I think I won’t get it!’ Kyra said. We were sitting in our classroom. It had never seen such attendance, and why not, it was the last day of the three year old college journey. So many memories, so many incidents, it was difficult for me to actually hold back those tears. Some were going out of the city for jobs, some for further studies, while Mota was smiling all throughout. ‘Don’t smile Mota, I know a brand new Audi must be waiting for you for completing the college without failing!’ He gave a disgusted look and threw his Pepsi can at me. Yash was super rich in fact the richest in our group. The other people were Kyra, Malini and Sid. I remember how we had become the most infamous group on the campus in the last year; Sid and Malini’s lip lock in the assembly in front of everyone because of a silly dare given by Yash was the talking point for the whole year and Yash’s eloquent speech on Indian Politicians when Rahul Gandhi visited the campus for some enlightenment of youth which arguably also won him the post of General Secretary of the college. There were many such incidents. My memory forgets to recall. I met Yash during 2nd year when we were making an Economics project. I made the mistake of thinking, he was one of those rich brats who knew nothing except how to spend your Baap’s money, but my perception about him changed after that speech; his knowledge about Indian politics was unreal and his sense of humor was God gifted. And Kyra, the diva, was famous for her amazing sense of fashion. She was every guy’s fantasy, including me. Her face had this amazing glow with the ever beaming smile only adding to the beauty. Little did the perverted minds knew, she had continuously obtained the first position in our class. Not only that, her liking for music and travel also fascinated me. A rare combination of brains and beauty, she was. And I was in love with her.

’Vineeeeeeeeeet!’ Kyra scratched my hand and said. I was bought back to my senses. I said, ‘Kyra you will get it. Just don’t scratch my hand, it hurts!’ She jabbed me in the stomach this time and said, ‘I am nervous!’

The results of the placement cells were also being announced today. Those who applied for a job were anxiously waiting if they had succeeded in getting one. Kyra had also applied for an internship with Lakmé, the leading cosmetic products brand. With her knowledge in marketing and the mesmerizing looks, I was sure she’d get something there. In some time, they were announced and like I guessed, she got an internship with Lakmé. ‘Parttttyyyyy!’ Yash exclaimed with joy. ‘Isn’t every day a party for you Mota?’ joked Malini. ‘I dare you to kiss the professor’, Yash gave an evil reply.

It was decided against my wish that; we’d go to Mandarmani, for an outing. For those of you who don’t know, it is one of the beaches located 4 car hours away from Kolkata. It’s funny how we Indians measure distance in time and not in kilometers. It has all these water sports and of course huge deposits of water. I don’t know I never liked beaches, and it’s mostly because of the water, it scares me; the sound, the waves, everything about it, just sends chills in me. Add to that the weather in June when the summer is directly above our head. Arey summer solstice! But they had some arguments which favored them; Sid said, ‘This might be our last trip together, you’re going to Bangalore!’ Malini and Yash gave a nod to that, Kyra said, ‘Pack your bags!’ I think it was more of an order than a request, an order I was willing to oblige to till death.

We all packed our bags and reached Howrah Station to catch the Duranto Express at 1400; Sid had done the ticketing work all alone. He was the geek in our group. We were just told to bring our identity proof with us. ‘It’s almost time, and Yash hasn’t come yet, he is so irresponsible!’ Malini said looking at her watch which showed 1.45. We waited for him, we called him, he didn’t pick up, he didn’t respond. After numerous tries, the douche bag sent a SMS, ‘can’t make it today, met with an accident, please you guys don’t go, we will plan it someday else!’ Malini’s swear jar was going to explode; she said things I myself never heard of. Sid said, ’Dude, the tickets were made in Tatkal Quota, there is no refund!’ We thought Yash was kidding and would eventually come laughing, but time passed on and the train left. Everyone was sad. An amazing holiday opportunity was wasted. We sat on the station benches for some time; Kyra opened her hand bag and took out a packet of biscuit. We all ate it and finally decided to leave for our respective boring lives.

We stepped outside the station and were greeted by the surreal sound of Audi A3’s engine. ‘You thought, I would let you guys travel in train, hop in!’ ‘I knew you were going to come’ Malini said. Sid said, ‘but the tickets were made in tatkal quota…..’ Soon, we all jumped in the car, and the convertible was roaring. Kyra opened her bag again and took out some lotion, she applied it on her face and when she saw me gazing at the lotion in confusion, said, ‘Vineeeettt this is the Lakmé sun screen lotion, and it helps you prevent the sun rays from…’ ‘You got the right job, Kyra’ Yash interrupted. Little did she know I was never staring at the lotion; I was just looking at the hands, the cute hands that were struggling to open the bottle. I was surely in love, I thought.

We reached Mandarmani at 7 in the evening and decided to take a walk on the beach after booking 2 rooms. The hotel management didn’t allow five people in one room. Malini and Sid occupied the first room. I don’t know what plans they had for the night. I, Kyra and Yash took the second room. It had two beds. After eating lunch we decided to take a stroll on the beach. Yash decided to remain in the room and watch TV. Our plan was halted when the guys there informed us about the absence of electricity on the beach. We came back to our room and saw Yash had already organized the hookah and cigarette. We decided to play truth and dare but Malini and Sid refused for obvious reasons. They both went to their room and in some time Yash slept. Yeah, the guy who had the plans of hookah and cigarettes for the whole night, slept, he slept on the single bed. I and Kyra were left alone. We decided to take a walk in the hotel corridor. The real intent was to hear the noises from the other room, actually. We peeked through; we listened carefully, there was nothing. Suddenly we heard Malini say, ‘It’s so small!’ We laughed our ass off and ran from there. We went in our room and due to the lack of space on one bed decided to not sleep at all. We sat on the bed and talked, talked for hours. She said, ‘Vineeeeett I am sleepy!’ I got the clue. I moved out of the bed to sit on the chair. ‘What are you doing? She said, ‘Come on, the bed is big enough to accommodate both of us, and I am not going to rape you or something.’ She lay there on my chest and slept. I won’t lie, I wanted to sleep real bad, but I didn’t want to miss her sleeping on my chest, I wanted to see this and I did. I don’t know when I slept. I don’t remember sleeping; my little memory was occupied by something better. Love, I thought!

My iPhone’s alarm went off and woke her up as well. She saw me looking at her and smiled. ‘you said my name while you were sleeping’; ’Vineet I wasn’t sleeping’ saying this she kissed me on my cheeks. Something happened, I don’t know, I really don’t know, I kissed her on her lips and she responded back. Getting into my senses again, I retracted back. And this time I didn't hold back any tears. She smiled, ‘its okay Rambo, don’t panic. I love you too!’

We got out of the bed and woke everyone up. In half hour everyone was ready to roll; Kyra took out the lotion from her hand bag again and applied it on her face. Like always, I was looking at her. She took some lotion in her hands and applied it on my face as well. I could only smile.

We went to the beach and had all sorts of fun. Jetski, Paragliding, Banana ride, we did it all. We remained in the water for four hours.

Yash: Yaar, I need to pee!
Sid: Who has stopped you? Go pee in the ocean!
Yash: Open your mouth and I will make it an ocean, dirt bag!

We came back to the hotel and had lunch. It was decided that Yash and Sid would go for a ride to explore the locality. They didn’t want the girls to know, they were going to have drinks. And Kyra and Malini chose to go for some shopping. I decided to stay in the hotel. Kyra smiled and requested me, ’COME with us!’ Again it was more of an order than a request, an order I was willing to oblige to till death. We went for some shopping in the scorching heat but that Lakmé thing, whatever it was, was working magic. I got her a nose pin, which I thought was cute. And she got me nothing, which she thought was cute.

It was check out time now, we paid our dues and left the hotel. Everyone was tired. They all lay back on their seats. I was still staring the sunshine girl, my sunshine girl.

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