Wednesday, May 16

Life is fun, when you have a phone with internet and a body with a brain!

I remember the day quite vividly. It was September 28th, 2011. I had logged on to Facebook and saw my wall was flooded with THE news. THE news that I knew was going to be the cause of many friendships broken, many couples taking a break from relationships. You could see many fights on the horizon and I am not exaggerating, not even a bit.
The evergreen dialogue, ‘You don’t have time for me!’ was going to be replaced with ‘You don’t have SMSs for me!’

The Telephone Regulatory Authority of India had decided to play the role of the evil mom here who always has problems with people you are friends with or talk to. ‘You can’t go out with that guy’, ’You can’t talk to that guy!’
‘But Mom you can’t just control my life!’
‘Yes my dear, but I am TRAI, and I can control the number of messages you send per day!’
This was the news; a smart rule was passed by our very smart government to curb the spammers. Now, a normal man [who has just one SIM card for himself] could only send 100 messages per day to his more than 100 friends. People who’d normally start a conversation like ‘Hi, what’s up?’ changed their habits. Now the first message you’d receive would be to the point, ‘Hi, I need some help, can you pay my college fees as well since you’re going tomorrow to pay yours? Give one miscall to confirm, two to reject!’They knew each other’s emotions as well. The worst sufferers were the boyfriends. My friend even broke up with his super hot girlfriend because of TRAI. Because she had this 1990’s phone with a feature which could count the number of messages you send and receive in a day, whenever while talking, if he gave her a misscall [the globally used indication that your message credits have gotten over], the next message he’d receive would be ‘How? How did your messages get over when you have only sent me 98? Who have you sent the rest of the messages? 2 messages?’ She was a hot dumb bomb nice girl, but you know when you don’t have SMSs you don’t have SMSs.
Amidst all this, my social life was pretty normal; call me smart or super smart, and because I had some as smart as me friends and a nice phone with a super sleek Vodafone Internet pack, I didn’t care for the SMS limit as long as it didn’t come down to 2, as I had to send 2 messages to my driver to know the location of my car. For everyone else there was Whatsapp, the free, cross platform, message sending service with multimedia sending support as well. I remember, even my driver got Whatsapp after some months.
Not only that, with Internet and a Smartphone you’d get many such things which you didn’t think were possible a few years ago. I once had to make this project for my Eco class. I spoke to my phone and it made the project. Just kidding. I made it myself and saved it on my computer. But on the day when I had to submit it, I forgot to carry it. I didn’t panic because I am cool, you know; I just called up my brother and asked him to put the .ppt file in my Dropbox folder. I got the file right on my phone and technology saved my ass.
Since I am writing about mobile internet and Smartphone and applications and all, have you played Fruit Ninja on your phone? I think it is the most addictive game ever made. [I have a score of 1206 in Arcade Mode, beat that if you can!]. Life would have been so tough if I didn’t have all these things. REALLY TOUGH.
You know because of the presence of this many applications, I started spending so much time on my phone and playing games and talking to people and surfing the internet. My phone has a huge storage but it’s limited. So I had to delete most of the music form it to make way for 100 others applications. Then came the savior Saavn, pick a song, every song and stream it right on your phone. You just need an internet connection.
There are so many things you can now easily do with your phone, read mails, connect to people from all over the world on Google Plus, irritate your friends with your new photos on Facebook for mobile and so many things.
Oh yeaah one more incident, I once went to this party and the dumb DJ [we have 4 DJs in our locality] there played some dumb song that no one had ever heard, because he couldn’t rip good music. I took out my phone and opened HYPERLINK ""Shazam, it instantly with a hush-hush procedure recognized the song and showed the lyrics. That said you still would have to curse and hit the DJ to change the song. I wish there was an app for that. You know to hit someone? Well there is one but it’s just for fun, Whack your boss. Get the frustration out guys!
the Internet is fun with Vodafone
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