Sunday, July 1

This life. That life. Some life.

Get up early in the morning. Wake everyone up. Spill water on the ones who don’t wake up. Make your sister’s /aunt’s kids cry. Their moms scream at you. Say sorry. Arrange your bed. Get in the line to use the washroom. Count the number of people. 13 total and you’re 5th. Talk to people ahead of you to convince them you need it more than they do. Deny the ones behind you who are convincing you for the same thing. Shit in your pants. Thank God it was just a fart. Rush to the washroom when your turn comes. Abuse the ones who were ahead of you for taking so much time. Go inside. Sit there for half an hour. Think about your life, school, girls, anything. Hear someone scream. Hurry out. Give the ‘Glory Face’ to people still waiting for their chance.
Search for your suitcase among fifty others. Ask your sister if she had seen it. Finally, find it lying somewhere unattended. Lift it. It’s heavy. Promise yourself to pack light next time. Take out your clothes and a towel. Stand in the line to bath now.
Everything necessary to be in the civilized society has been done now. Oh wait, dress up. You’re ready now. Take your camera bag with you. Let them call you a cameraman. You enjoy every bit of silly attention. Let these kids ask you take a photo of them. Deny them the permission to operate the camera. ‘It’s costly, so no risks’ tell them. Act like how their parents would have acted with you.

Check your phone. Call your home and tell your mom dad you’re doing fine here. Call gets cut automatically. Phone’s discharged. Keep it in your bag. Watch the discussion among elders deciding which temple to go first. Stay quiet. After they discuss and finalize, state your shitty opinion quietly. No one gives a damn now. You wanted this only- assume your opinion wasn’t chosen because you were late and not because it was shitty.
Stop clicking random pictures and start walking fast. Reach the temple. Deposit your camera with the security. Get in the line for the temple. Pray for your result. Pray for anything. See what others are doing from the corner of your eyes. Copy their actions. Get out.
Everyone stops for a ‘Kulfi’. Tell them you don’t like it. Want them to ask you again. Take it now before they understand your ploy. When all start walking back to the hotel, hire a rickshaw, subtly. Reach before everyone. Ask them how they got so late and show them your ‘Glory Face’ again. Pack your bags. Get your wet innerwear in a plastic bag and put it in your cousin’s bag. Let your work of many months stink his bag.
Take your case and reach for the bus. Travel for 5 hours. Play ‘Antakshari’ in the bus. There’s no timekeeper here. 5 hours pass early. There is something wrong with the clocks. Reach some other destination, another hall in another hotel. Search for the newly stinky bag first thing. Tell him you were getting late so put yours in his. Smirk at him. He has no idea what hit him. Search for a charging unit now. You got lucky, there’s no current in it. You keep your phone back inside.
This goes on for a week. You feel relived here; with Gods and family and no one to disturb, no calls, no messages, no pokes, no emails. It’s just how people enjoy life.
You enjoy every moment of unexpectedness, every moment of excitement, every moment of bless.
Time to say goodbye now. Hide the tears somehow. Promise them you’d remain in contact. Promise them you’d send them all the pictures. Everyone goes separate. You take the next flight, reach home, and feel incomplete. You want solitude. You decide to bath. You open your suitcase to take out your towel. You find your cousin’s innerwear. You don’t know what hit you. You smile and cry. You miss them. You miss that life.

एक बार ऐसे जी के देखो ,
सब के साथ ,
एक कमरे में ,
कोई किसी से छुपा न हो,
कोई किसी से दूर न हो,
सब हँसे तो साथ,
सब रोये तो साथ,

भाई मेरे,
ये दीवारें तो हमने ही बनायीं है,
इसे हम तोड़ भी तो क्या जायेगा,
एक बार ऐसे जी के तो देखो,
दीवारे तोड़ के तो देखो!

[Written in memory of the time spent with cousins]


  1. This is a beautiful and very emotive composition.

  2. Cousins can be your best friend, ek baar jee ke toh dekho. Well written :)

    1. True, they are special. And thanks! :)

  3. want to live my life with u all for the lst tym yr...ll miss u all alot:(:(:(

    1. bas bas, shaadi ho rahi he tumhari, aur kuch nahi! :P

  4. Really nice one...Simple and Lovely :) Loved it boss :)