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Why are we discussing about him, we don’t know him that well!

[To better understand this story, you should first read- 
Maanvi Di’s engagement as mentioned in ‘Arranged Marriage-A gamble with your kid’slife!"
Vineet and Kyra’s escapade and why Sid and Malini couldn’t join mentioned in- It was difficult for me to actually hold back those tears!
This story was a indexing story, a concept I discovered in the late 2010s, for which I’ll get the Nobel Prize *I am an idiot, I can prove it myself*]

Me: ‘Man, your Di has gotten engaged, we need a party!’ 
Yash: ‘Yeah obviously dude, the party is on. Let’s bunk second half tomorrow and go to Café Oxy!’
Me: ‘Done!’

‘So the plan is on, right?’ I asked impatiently waiting for a yes when I saw Yash loitering around in the college campus. ‘Yeah darling, we are so going to Oxy today!’ he replied with an unnatural enthusiasm. ‘So, who else have you invited?’ I asked again. ‘I asked Raj, Sampat and my Di. Di refused saying she has some other plans, while Raj said he’d message. You asked anyone?’ Yash asked. ‘Yes, Kyra will come along’. ‘Ohhhhh, obviously she will, after your little escapade in Mandarmani’ He gave me an evil nudge. I had told Yash about the kiss we had in Mandarmani and since then, he was using it whenever we talked about Kyra. I acted as if I was listening to music on my invisible headphones to ignore him.  
When we were discussing the guy Maanvi Di got engaged to, I got a text from Raj which said he wouldn’t be able to join as he didn’t want to bunk the classes. Apparently he didn’t want to pay as always. ‘Tell this idiot I am giving a treat, he doesn’t have to worry about paying!’ Yash said. Everyone was familiar with Raj and his ways of ditching us when we made any plans because he didn’t want to pay money. I could never understand what was the point of saving this much. We once had this plan to go to a water park, and he refused saying, he has a headache. Once we went to Café Oxy, he refused saying he didn’t like Hookahs. Who doesn’t like Hookahs? Once more, we all went for bowling, he was with us till we bowled, but when we decided we’d watch a movie as well, he went home saying an urgent work has come up. I hated this guy. He had no intention of making friends. If you don’t go out with people how will they know you exist? We should party every night. We should have at least 400 contacts in our phone. That's called living life to the fullest.

Anyways, we all had planned for an outing since weeks and Maanvi Di’s engagement had given us just the right excuse. Hookah was selected out of various other options merely because of the abrupt change in Kolkata’s weather. We figured Hookah would feel nicest in the rains. We left college in Yash’s car and reached the place. There were only four of us. Kyra and I were sitting together on one sofa. Sampat was sitting alone on another one and Yash on the third one. No, before you jump to conclusions there were no hard feelings between Yash and Sampat, the reason was, when Yash sat somewhere, only Yash would accommodate there, however big the sofa you find. We started talking about college and stuff.

Yash: Why do we have to attend these classes, we have already graduated. What’s the deal with this college, man? And you know, I don’t like that professor; I get those negative vibes from her, feel like she’s after me.
Kyra: You mean Miss Biswas? Obviously you asked her if Bob Biswas was her husband.
Yash: But still…Kyra shut up or I’ll speak out whatever your Rambo has told me!
Kyra looked at me thoroughly pissed and I knew I had some rockets coming over to invade my territory this night. I tried to change the topic.
Me: Acha guys, why didn’t Raj join in this time? He knew he didn’t have to pay. Yash you told him that, right?
Yash: Yes, I called him and said my Di got engaged so am giving a party at Café Oxy tomorrow and you can join. He said he’ll message me.
Me: I don’t understand the deal with this guy, we all try so hard to maintain a good relation with him and he seems to take us for granted. I remember how once I lent him some money and he didn’t return it for 5 months. I don’t like the guy, I really don’t. Sampat, you are closest to him, why don’t you tell us what’s the freaking deal with him?
Sampat: Leave it na, why are we discussing about him, he is nice, you guys don’t know him that well!
Me: Trust me, I don’t want to! And how does he manage to date that girl? I forgot her name. Who pays for the food and stuff?
Sampat: They broke up last month.
Me: Good for the girl!
Kyra: ‘I miss Sid and Malini, it’s all because of your dare Yash that they couldn’t join us!’
Yash: ‘I can’t believe you’d say that, the Principle has suspended them from college for a week and not from getting out of the house!’
Kyra: ‘There parents have done the rest!’
Yash: ‘Oh, but…yeah whatever!’

Our orders came, a paan flavored hookah and two plates white sauce pasta. Since Yash was there, everyone decided to just shut up and eat as much of pasta as they could. With him around, you never know till when it will last…
It was a fun day all in all. I was tired and asked Yash to drop me off to home. I wouldn’t say I was bored but I don’t know, my life was going nowhere and because of that, I really started hating people, I hated Raj for he couldn’t afford anything, why was he even studying in college, who was paying his college fees, I hated Sampat, for he was close to Raj, how could someone tolerate Raj I wondered when the elevator made a ‘ting’ sound as it stopped on the fourth floor.

Door kone me kahi,
Us sunsaan sadak ke sune makaan me,
Ek bacha apni Maa ki godh me,
Sir rakh ke ro raha tha,
Aanchal me chipa apna sir,
Apne hi aansoo ponch raha tha,
“Maa kyo wo log nahi samajte he,
Sab utne ameer nahi ho sakte,
Jitney wo hote he,
Sab utne udaar nahi ho sakte
Jitne wo hote he,
Maa kyo,
Is duniya me har chiz ki ek keemat he,
Swabhimaan ki?”

[In english]
Somewhere aloof
 in the dark room
of a small apartment,
 a soul was crying
 in the laps of his mother,
 asking her;
 what he had done to
 receive such brutal punishment?
  what he had done wrong
 in following his Dharma and not taking Hookah,
 how he would have fun like normal people
 when he didn’t have money like normal people,
why those people didn’t understand
life isn’t rainbow for everyone
why everything came at a price,
friends, love and pride?

The continuation of this story from Vineet’s POV when he reaches home all pissed off for no reason in- Why we will never be able to see the Gods!

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