Monday, July 9

A year in St Xavier’s college- Things my seniors never told me!

It’s funny how something that excited you to this extent has slowly and steadily become a part of your mundane life. But this is the rule of nature, isn’t it? The things you don’t have are the ones you would love to have until you have them. St. Xavier’s was one of those things for me. When we were doing our +2 from a ‘reputed’ school in Kolkata, St Xavier’s was like this dream, it’s what every commerce student wanted, the same way how an ‘actor’ has a desire to work with Anurag Kashyap, or a singer with A.R Rahman.  
I like many others with me, was no exception. Difference laid in the fact that I didn’t know what faculty it had, I didn’t know what environment it had, but I wanted to get into it. And I’m not by any means saying, it is not one of the best, I’m just trying to point out the lack of research that students like me make before taking a big step. I was just lucky it had everything we heard of…

TO THE JUNIORS: If you’re in Xavier’s, you have a hefty package of around 5 lakhs waiting for you to just pass the semesters without getting an arrear and not to mention a father wanting to make you his son in law [well, it’s what people say!]

Anyways, getting admission in Xavier’s in no big deal. You study hard in class 12th, or cheat in the exams, either way you score good marks, and you’re a Xaverian. That’s it. All it matters is the marks you’ve got in the Boards exam.  
‘It’s going to be easy’, I thought to myself when I sat in the college auditorium, looking around to find walls with tiny holes in them, ‘They’re sound proof’, I heard someone say. There was a sudden commotion when a short looking guy came and introduced himself as the dean of the department and asked us to stand as Father Principal was arriving. We stood up and were instantly told to sit down by the Father. I remember sharing a joke with the guy sitting next to me ‘Okay Dad, we’ll sit down.’ From his heavily accented English and my obvious lack of attention, I was able to make out some sentences, one of them which struck was, ‘Getting into Xavier’s is very easy, but passing out gracefully is not!’
Soon, we were introduced to different societies like NSS, the national service scheme that worked on social issues, or NCC, national cadet something, and many others. There were many departments as well, like the sports department which included almost every popular game, and so on and so forth. ‘College is from 4 to 8, we’ll come at 2 and work with every department, we want to improve ourselves!’ I heard someone said my thoughts out loud. It’s useless to say, most of us never joined anything.

TO THE JUNIORS: If you’re good at anything; chess, badminton, quizzes, debates, take part in them. There’s a department for everything here.

We were shifted to our classes and normal routine began. It felt as boring as school for some days, and then more boring than school. In school, teachers were not powerful, at least in the school I have been. In my school, a teacher once slapped a student in front of the whole class and the next week he got involved in some fight in a bus where few odd looking guys hit him with hockey sticks. I am not saying there’s connection between them. I am stating some incidents that happened. You get that? But here, the teachers, they would just mark you absent. And attendance is the core element of Xavier’s. The difference between a nerd and a player is their attendance and nothing else. The difference between a fun loving and a studious is attendance. The difference between passing and failing is attendance.

TO THE JUNIORS: You’re known by the attendance you have!

Attendance is what people come to college for. Attendance is what drives people like me to college campus and of course, the girls.

TO THE JUNIORS: Whoever said Xavier’s girls aren’t as hot or beautiful as some other colleges’, were obviously pissed off as they didn’t get admission in Xavier’s. And even the boys are cute.

Now, let’s come to teachers, the one thing I have noticed is the teachers who are young and female are strict; the teachers who are old and female are lenient; the other way around for the less fair male generation of teachers. Also, the teachers who keep on their Identification Cards during lectures are the ones who will always go by the rules and regulations [obvious, no?]. And Lady Teachers will always be lenient with boys [most of them] but not the same way around with male teachers and girls [never understood why!] Confusing you, right?

TO THE JUNIORS: NEVER EVER, take pangas, not with the teachers, the staff, the canteen people, the gate keepers; they all have the right to snatch your ID card!

You think Rakshi Sawant and acting is the worst combination, or Dr. Manmohan Singh and Prime Ministerial post? No, the worst combo ever is your mobile phone and college library.

TO THE JUNIORS: Don’t EVER use your phone in the library. Even Hitler wouldn’t dare that. But you can always make your friend do that somehow…would be fun.

You’d think its college and you don’t need to study and stuff, but here comes the bad part of the story; Xavier’s will always keep you busy, first with the class assignments, then with the Midterm CIA’s, and later the main semester.

TO THE JUNIORS: Your perspective matters. I have always wondered about the 75% minimum attendance rule. There’s a subtle message hidden. They actually want you to BUNK 25% of the classes and have fun!

Now, THE most important thing about the first years; when I got into Xavier’s, I got many calls from friends and relatives congratulating me for the awesome feat. Among those calls some were from people I hadn’t known before-my seniors. I had no idea how they got my phone number and why they cared so much for my admission. Needless to say, I felt a boost to my ego and thought I was some kind of celebrity and stuff. Even when classes started, I was given proper care by the seniors. But then, it hit me, everyone was given proper care by the seniors. For more details on this, watch Gulaal directed by Anurag Kashyap or wait for me to overcome my laziness and gather my wits to write a post on that!

TO THE JUNIORS: It’s like you’re turning 18 and now you can vote and make a difference!

A final note- Attend anything in the college, from classes to seminars to events, make friends, know people and their art, appreciate teachers, have good connections, go to the library, read some off topic books, eat at delights, regret paying so much, walk till ATS, get habituated to the evening ‘Chai’, make fun of your friends who are in the morning department, compare them with dogs, they’ll give you a hundred reasons why dogs live a better life, ogle at girls, keep on your Xavier’s ID card in buses and metros, lie to your parents about how tough college is actually, have fun, make fun. Live life because as they say you’re the lucky few who got into St. Xavier’s!

Check attendance, calculate how many classes you can miss without changing your present grade and BUNK!

Here’s a link: St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata- Student’s Attendance Link

[There is so much to talk about when it comes to Xavier's, sadly I could remember only so much as of now. Will write a sequel if I get the right response and also if you're in First Year and need any help, feel free to contact me. I am an evening department student and a BOY, so my perspective is skewed accordingly, thank you for reading and do share if you like it]


  1. An unconventional post on Campus life :)

  2. I have heard authority demands prior permission by students to any post or video uploads or things like that related to Xavir's on facebook or blogs or even at youtube. Is it true? So this post was made after talking permission from from the Xavier's Authority?

    1. Umm I've not heard anything like this and no, I had not taken any permission before posting this. But I think, there'd no problem to anyone if I express my views about Xavier's.

  3. Xaviers kolkata was among the top 3 commerce colleges.....but why it is not showing its rankings after 2013...can u tell me??

  4. Dude!...the attendance part was hilarious XD
    And the one about morning guys! Evening rocks!