Sunday, August 12

A post dedicated to faltustuff(dot)com! [F-55]

[Contains abuses. Reader’s discretion advised though highly recommended to read]

Okay, so I came across a blog, really great, the best one. That’s saying a lot. I instantly read all of the stories, and poems, and so many other things; such great work of art that blog. One story, one particular story caught my attention, it actually made me cry.

You know why? The motherfucker copied my blog.  

[This post is actually not fiction, though I didn’t want to abuse the guy, so made it into Fiction-55. The funny thing is, his page has more likes than mine. If you’re a blogger, do check out his page, because he might have copied your stuff as well, or there’ll be many others. Use CopySpace to find out. And give me some tips as to what I can do now, if anything.  

Oh also, if you're a normal reader of this blog, I know you'll try and do something like sharing this with your friends and telling them about that shitty site, or at least feel sad, the way I'm feeling. Because you're awesome. EEEEEE.

And okay, I know that guy is reading this, that’s what he does, right? Read people’s blog and copy their stuff? So, Mister whoever the fuck retard you’re, YOU know you can never become successful, because the only thing you know is how to copy other’s work and show it as your own. And I know, you have many friends who do the same. Get a life is not something I would advise you because you never will understand life. I know, you might be smiling right now, wearing that veil of anonymity, but alas you will die a motherfucker’s death and there won’t be a single soul crying for you if they find out, what you’ve been doing all your life!]

Copied, word to word, Why we will never be able to see the Gods! [On or] 
I dont really want you to read his and increase his pageviews, but there's no other option to find out, is there?


  1. Haha
    He has more likes because he has a better SEO

    PS : Spam his twitter account :D

    1. wahi, but i trust google, someday it will do something magical. i believe in love, friendship, honesty, trust, i believe in all these things. and not in copying someone. :/
      JYADA HO gaya na?

      yes, i will spam his twitter account now! :D

  2. this is serious!
    contact the blog owner, and then if he doesn't agrees, just spam his pages!!

    1. i am trying that, lets see if he responds!

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  4. hi i am owner of faltustuff so sorry vineet and i will give you credit for this
    But i donot like the way you write for me

    1. had no other option. will edit this post soon. Peace.
      just a friendly tip, ask before copying from people, ask. its not that tough, and not that then at least give them proper credits. be a human!