Saturday, August 18

The Kind of Birthday I would want! [Part 2]

She came closer to me, much closer than my body could handle, kept the gift packets aside, sat on my laps with her hands clinging my back and said in the softest voice I heard, ‘There’s no one in my house right now, Vineet. Follow me.’

The words came as an utter shock to me, how could this happen, I mean, I was not prepared for this. The idea of spending an evening alone at your girlfriend’s place when she, looking her ultimate best, is inviting you for some action, was giving me goose bumps, huge ones. Blood was gushing to my face and the other more manly part of my body. My whole body was heating up, and if something wasn’t done in the next one hour, I would definitely catch a fever. She walked to the stairs and stopped as she realized I was not following her, she looked back and asked me pushing her eyebrows up with the gentle smile I never saw her wearing, she asked me what was wrong. I couldn’t move, I just stared at her, and her body because today I was…

She requested in a soft voice, ‘Vineet, follow me!’ Again it was more of an order than a request but I had no problem taking it. I got up from the couch, hiding nothing this time; I walked behind her to the terrace wondering if this would be the day I would finally become a man. I was writing a script in my own head, how I would tell Yash about it, or some other person, making it a little more dramatic, I would tell them what I did, and how I did it. Undoubtedly, Kyra was the hottest girl on campus and after today, I was going to be the man. Wow, it felt amazing. I loved the girl, I loved her with all my being, but this was way beyond love, this was giving me the lifetime Man-ness award in my college, this was about respect. I started dreaming about the day after five years or ten when my college mate would meet me and ask me, ‘Oh you’re the one?’ and I would say, ‘Yes boss! I was the one!’ It felt so good for those little moments.

We reached the terrace gate and as she was opening it, I held her waist from behind and pulled her closer to me; I kissed and bit on her neck leaving marks on it. Oh, how good her skin felt! She moaned and could only say, ‘Vineeeettt, wait!’

Kyra opened the door and entered, and there was it, a bed like thing, with candles at the side, most of them had burnt out; I guess, because I was late, I sucked at being a good boyfriend. She had done everything before; she had planned it all before, her parents not home, her friends little party in the night before and not today, the cozy terrace, the romantic setting, it wasn’t just a co-incidence, it was a plan, she wanted me as much as I did.

She walked to the speakers and connected her iPhone, and our favorite song played on itI was just standing there, still in shock of the day’s happenings. She smiled seeing me like that, the Vineet who could never keep his mouth shut about anything and everything was finally on the silent mode. She giggled and said, ‘Vineet, even on the day when Manchester United lost to Barcelona, you weren’t this quiet.’ We had watched the match at Yash’s bungalow; around 15 people were invited, all hardcore Manchester United fans, and we were as quiet as the monk submerged in his thoughts when the match ended, every single one of us. Yash even cried. I didn’t know, Kyra noticed me in those early days, I smiled. I didn’t say anything, I stayed quiet. As the song progressed to my most favorite part, she came closer to me, looking deep into my eyes and soul, she asked, ‘Vineet, would you dance with me?’ ‘Kyra, I don’t dance, I mean I can’t!’ I was a horrible dancer and I didn’t want to waste my lifetime opportunity because of my dancing abilities. She held my hands and whispered in my ear, ‘With just me around, you can!’ I was lying; actually, I was a very good dancer. I smiled and grabbed her waist and soon we got lost into the tunes of the music. After some thirty minutes or maybe an hour, no one cared really, the iPhone’s battery drained and the music stopped. We stood there, motionless, nothing taking us apart, no sound, no music, just the comfortable silence and the hug. She was resting herself on my shoulder, and I just held her by her waist, and promised myself to never ever let her go. I thought this was the time, I would make an approach for the love making, the mood was set, the place was alright, I gave her a little jerk to bring her out of the oblivion. She looked at me smiling, with red eyes, and tears in her eyes. I was so lost in the music and the dance that I didn’t realize she was crying.

My girl was crying. 

TO BE CONTINUED. Read the 3rd part here
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