Friday, August 10

The Kind of Birthday I would want! [Part 1]

got down from the cab at the address I had on the paper chit with a messy handwriting which read, ‘Oberoi Residence, 425P, A.R. Avenue. Search for the black gate, enter’. The cab driver had a lucky day today, I honestly thought about becoming a cab driver when I gave him two hundred rupee notes. The idiot smiled and said ‘Bhaiya thoda tip de dijiye?’, but drove away when he saw the look on my face.

It took me some two minutes to locate the huge black gate and when I entered, I was stunned to see the mansion house; a huge garden, with a fountain on the left side which was not working by the way, medieval style architecture, and some proofs of the last night’s party. It was not medieval but that sounds cool right? I adjusted the two packets in my hands and searched for the bell ring.

Kyra’s birthday was a big deal for me. This would the first time, I would meet her parents, her friends, her elder sister, and the last time I would get to create a good impression on them. I had spent my month’s pocket money on the gifts and the cake. I didn’t want to come across as a cheapo in front of her dear ones. She had called me a week back, when I was in talks with her friends to plan a surprise birthday party, to invite me over to her house. She didn’t like surprises much, I assumed. 

There was no response from the other side. The three cars parked in the garage and the loud noises of music coming from the terrace were the reason I think. Her friends were already here, and I was late. The first time I come to her home and I am late, her friends would tease me all day now, telling me how I didn’t care for her birthday and her. I cursed the cab driver under my breaths, the idiot. I rang the bell again, and like the last time there was no response. I dialed Kyra’s number and the music on the terrace changed into the iPhone ring. My girlfriend was using her phone to play music on those speakers. I was surely in love. She picked up the call, ‘I am not talking to you!’ and cut the call. The noises on the terrace resumed. I don’t know why but instead of calling on phone this time, I called her in real, I shouted, ‘Kyra!’ The noises stopped again and she glanced down from the terrace, her face lightened up for brief seconds and then she turned serious again, ‘Who are you?’ ‘I am the mechanic ma’am; your fountain is not working!’ I was all up for the game. ‘Oh! My fountains, so Mr. Mechanic why are you all dressed up, don’t you know repairing is going to be a little messy?’ I don’t know if the lines meant something else than usual, but who cared, this was my girl. ‘Yes, it might, but then you might help me take off these clothes.’ She looked at me with disgust/awe/love/ hatred, I don’t know. She just said, ‘I don’t live alone here’ and disappeared. The thought that her parents have heard me, embarrassed me and the ‘create-an-impression’ thing was royally ruined.

The door creaked as it opened, and she was there, smiling, so beautiful and so freaking sexy. Let me say it again, so freaking sexy. The red pant thing, longer than shorts, shorter than longs [?] with that white top, my God, I had to hide my unannounced bodily movements with the gift packets. She looked at me and said, ‘Vineeetttt, so early’ I know she was being sarcastic, I was an hour late, and I could only apologize. ‘Kyra, huge traffic, I came in cab, still!’ She gave me a puzzled look and started to laugh like a maniac. She said, ‘I wasn’t talking about that’. Needless to say, I was embarrassed, and wished I had done what was necessary before coming here. She invited me in, still laughing. I sat on the sofa. The music was still playing on the terrace; I couldn’t face her friends like this, I asked Kyra where the washroom was. She looked at me for two seconds, and said, ‘Don’t do it!’ I was more embarrassed now. I just sat there and stared blankly at the artwork and the clock and the wall and the AC and the fridge, and the floor and the clock. She started laughing again when she looked at me. I am telling you, her laughing wasn’t helping, the way she put a hand on her mouth and continued laughing with her whole body shaking mildly, it was really not helping my case. All it was doing was making it more prevalent. God I hated being a boy for those moments.

After some five minutes and forty seconds, she stopped only to start again for two more minutes. She finally stood up and asked me to follow her to the terrace. I refused, obviously, ‘No, not like this, with your friends around, no way!’ She came closer to me, much closer than my body could handle, kept the gift packets aside, sat on my laps with her hands clinging my back and said in the softest voice I heard, ‘There’s no one in my house right now, Vineet. Follow me.'

TO BE CONTINUED. Second part out. Read it here,
*The mansion shown above is a home in California for sale.
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