Friday, August 17

What really happened in that year’s politics? [Part II]

Read part 1 here.

I searched for an empty seat, there was only one but the name labeled on it was ‘Kaushik’, I assumed it was a typing mistake and I sat down on it.

The room had an uncomfortable silence for some time. The people were still staring at me, asking each other, in murmur, what I was doing there. Some looked sad. While, there were some smiling faces as well, I was bored, so I counted them. They were 18, wait no, they were 15, wait, 21? I don’t know man; I was always weak in math.
The flying guard rung the bell, and now all were to cast their votes. This was the time to act. I stood up, and with my trademark puppy face said, ‘Dear Deads, I know you all comes here to vote for the Head Pundit post, but you should always remembers that…that’ I forgot my lines. I sat down amidst the entire giggle mocking me and my English. I screwed up like I always do. This plan was not going to work now and so I had to implement the Plan B that I and my friends had discussed earlier. 

I talked to the flying guard and asked him to make it mandatory for people to carry their Death Certificate before voting, and those who are not carrying it won’t be allowed to vote. He listened to me because I was the Head Pundit last year, and made the announcement, all 21 of my dead friends were carrying their DC as they were told, and much to my surprise, 33 others were cancelled the right to vote. Finally, something worked in our favor. 
But, still they had the upper hand, they had more votes. One final blow was needed. I stood up to count the votes, this was the time, I could make it or break it...

Just then a guy, as pale as me, as handsome as me, emerged in front of me and said, ‘this is wrong Kaushik, and you can’t do this. This is cheating. This is not what you are known for. You will lose all the respect and this will change the Pilgrimage forever, people will lose trust in the Head Pundit, there'll be chaos and no one would accept the authority from someone who cheated. There is something very wrong going on here.’ I couldn't understand what was wrong there. Why does he not understand? This is how it works. They all would have done it, if they got the chance, wouldn't they? Or am I doing something really wrong here? The ghostly image of that guy disappeared as something shattered in front of me, apparently a mirror. How did he know what I was going to do? Was it me? Was it my soul? Was I doing anything wrong? Was it immoral? He talked about respect and losing of trust… 

I counted the votes, and since there was no one else certifying it, we won, we won the Head Pundit post but somewhere deep down, I knew we didn't deserve it. Wait, we earned it...

Ijjat to tumhari daav pe thi mere bhai,
 Dil tumhara bhi sehma hoga,

Jo tumne kiya wo karne se pehle,
Kaash, tumne thoda dimag laga ke,
socha hota!

[As I said above, this is a story of the deads, so any relation to any person alive is purely your interpretation of it, and hTe osLt doesn’t take the blame for it. Nor can it be held liable for anything. Thank you for reading]



    anyways INTREPRETATION is what every1 will do....KAUSHIK ka interpretation

  2. hey vineet u said its a GHOST story ...rgt?
    then please i personally want u to write a paranomial activity based story !!
    cz i guess u'll rock in that part too :)))
    keep writing :P