Sunday, August 12

What really happened in that year’s politics? [Part I]

I woke up. There was no one to be seen around; empty houses and shops, broken roads, fallen trees. I started walking, I started running. I got out of the town of Howrapuram, and after some more running, I saw a green mansion. It looked old, really old, but it was the only building that made sense to me, it stood with all its glory, the green and yellow paint was still intact, the only building where I thought people would still be living. When I reached to the gates of the building, I felt déjà vu; I had seen this place before in my dreams maybe, but I was sure I had. The green painted mansion on the street with a park and a Mother Teresa statue were only adding to the mystery.

 I stood near the half opened black gate and entered; more of it looked familiar now. I walked past the space which was, in the past, for parking I think and entered the main hall. Much to my despair, I found no one. I kept strolling through all the floors of the building, it looked so familiar to me. I heard some noise from the second floor of the building, I ran, the door was chained, there was some counting going on inside, I knocked it, I shouted, but I couldn’t feel my voice, or muscle. I knew it now. I cried. Tears I couldn’t stop after the realization. A pale guy appeared before me, held my hands and said, ‘you’re dead, just like me!’ He looked like a guard. ‘I know!’ was the only thing I said. I cried for some more time. He asked me, ‘Do you know why you’re here?’ I gave him a ‘no idea, dead guy!’ look. He said, ‘You have to play a big role here!’, I was still not sure of what he was talking about, I guess he understood that by the look of my face, he continued, ‘this is Colxavi, the pilgrimage of all the deads, they come here after they die, and register and get out. But, you are special, you knew too many people when you were alive, so you are specially invited for this voting.’ His explanations made it more confusing, so I asked, ‘Why am I special? And, and who are you?’ he cut me in between and told me ‘You’ll know everything once you enter this door.’ With that the chain rearranged itself and the door opened. There was the same noise coming, but the hall was empty. ‘He gave me a ‘step inside you fool’ look. I won’t lie, for moments I thought he’d kill me or something but then I remembered I was already dead. The moment I stepped into the room, the hall lit up. With a blink of an eye, my whole body changed into its mortal form again and there were so many people around me now. They were all sitting on their chairs, they gave me a sharp look, some looked delighted some disgusted, but eventually got back to what they were doing, a flying guard was still counting the number of people present, and finally after I entered, he was assured of full attendance. Now, I knew what was going on finally, this was voting for the Head Pundit, and I was the Head Pundit of this place the last year, and that was why I was special. I remembered it all now; the way I cheated and won last time the Head Pundit post, with no one knowing, the amount of money I made by simply cheating with this holy pilgrimage, the way how I bribed people. I remembered our this year’s plan as well, the same way like the last time, bribe people, cheat with them, all of it got somehow downloaded to my mind. And I knew, my friend would win, the Head Pundit this time and not the ones who deserve it, because I can cheat and I will. They’ll call me names, those more honest than me people, they’ll try to kill me, but they don’t know am dead, and my life has no purpose and meaning now.

I searched for an empty seat, there was only one but the name labeled on it was ‘Kaushik’, I assumed it was a typing mistake and I sat down on it.

Kar liya tune jo karna tha,
Ab tum pachtayega,
Tujhe gaali nahi denge mere bhai,
Tere naam hi ek gaali ban jayega!

[Its just a ghost story, screwed up, if you have your own interpretation then be my guest.]

TO BE CONTINUED. Part two out. Read it here- WHiP Part II



  1. Awesome..!!!! Digga, you the MAN!!!!

    1. hahaha, thank you Bhaiya, i dont know why ppl are liking this Ghost story this much! :D