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When your hobby turns into your business- The Pet Shop

I was watching a reality television show. They were searching for some hidden talent among people and giving them a stage to showcase it. Yes, the usual types. But there was one little thing that bugged me; not the judges trying to be super intellects, not the host trying to be super cool, not the music, not the singing, not the dance, nothing just this one little thing, the enthusiasm that the contestants had. I watched them very closely, those who got selected, and their celebration as well; it was amazing how passionate they were about something in their life. They were dancing in joy when they got selected, like a kid, it was nice to see.
For me, it was depressing as well to see them so happy for it made me realize, I have nothing in my life to be passionate about; nothing at all. I argued with myself, but still, there was nothing I was really obsessed crazzzzyyyy about. I consider my writing as something more than just a hobby and all but still, I don’t think I feel for it the same way those contestants felt when they got selected.

You know, the times when you’re down and all, when nothing really, like literally, wait not literally, metaphorically, nothing is going your way. You look at yourself as some kind of a failure. Those few minutes of self realization put me in deep depression and I knew I would need professional help, so I contacted a professional.

My senior told me to meet him before college the next day. I told him this entire story, and for the first time, he was listening to me. It rarely happens, these seniors I tell you. Even I don’t pay attention to my juniors, and I am proud of that. Anyways so, he asked me what I wanted to do with my life, and I said nothing. He asked me two or three more questions and I had no answers for them, ‘I don’t know, man’ is not really an answer.

After 10 minutes or so, he started telling me his own story, about how he works at a pet shop [so much for listening to me]. I wasn’t paying real attention and was cribbing about my own problems in my head, until he told me that this Pet Shop he works in was featured in SnapDeal and Telegraph. Well, that’s big.

And so an idea stuck into my over-thinking pea-sized brain. I always wanted to take one interview, and this could very well be one. I told him about the idea and he readily agreed. Here is some part of it, my first interview, wait, I am the press, and he is a worker of the Pet Shop, okay? 

[And also, I have excluded the 3/4th part of it, where we discussed girls and just girls.]

Q. So, okay, umm, why did you choose Pet Shop? Why not something else?
 A. Heinh? Great first question, way to go, man!
Anyways, I have always liked pets and had a few of them myself. But, as a pet lover, the one thing that always hurt me was the poor infrastructure, so you know, someone had to do it right. And we are trying.

Q. What do you mean by poor infrastructure? Are there no Pet Shops in our city? Don’t lie.
A. No, Vineet. Obviously there are some shops, but the lack of attention they give to everything related to pets was my biggest concern. And when you think about it, their stock of pets is not that great as well. And then the price they charge. Trust me; I was a pet lover first, so I know.

Q. Price? Isn’t that determined by demand and supply and stuff? I don’t think people just charge high prices?
A. Haha. Yes, but one would always like cheaper prices. Won’t they?

Q. You’re not supposed to ask me. Again, how are your prices cheaper than any other store? Does it mean you guys are running at a loss? I did study some Economics even if the motive was to pass.
A. See, the one thing that works in the Pet Shop’s advantage is that it is a virtual store. All its dealings happen through internet and phone. It has no physical location, so we don’t have to incur any establishment charges or any other running charges. And before you ask me another question, there is no compromise on quality or quantity because of this reason. It’s just basic costing concept, we pay less, so we price them less.

Q. Oh…Okay, that’s nice and all. But isn’t this boring? Pets and all.
A. You have a blog, right? Isn’t that boring? Writing and all. See, Vineet, when you’re passionate about something, you can do it.

Q. My blog. Do you read it?
A. No.

Q. Wait, so I can get a pet by just telling you now? My girlfriend likes dogs. Our five month anniversary is coming. Wow. Pet Shop will help me right?
A. Your girlfriend already has one dog. Pet Shop can help you get her another one. You can go through the Facebook page and see all the pets available, and then you can order anyone you want on the phone. We deliver in all parts of Kolkata, so if you want, we can send the pet right to her home.

Pets in The Pet Shop
Q. Parrots, fish, dogs, I-don’t-what-they-are, wow man. How many pets do you guys actually have? I thought pets meant dogs only.
A. There are no stupid questions; there are just stupid people who ask questions. Anyways, we have all the pets, some of them are not on Facebook yet, you name it we get it, and then you pet it.

Q. But, if I have no idea about how to pet them, how will I manage one after purchasing, since your job gets over after selling one to me?
A. The Pet Shot provides after sales services. You can call us, regarding any help you want.

Q. I don’t even know what to feed them. You guys will help if you get such kind of customer?
A. We will tell you what you can feed them; we can’t come and feed them though.

Q. Yeah, even I don’t want you to go to my girl’s home and feed the pet every day.
A. Would you eat something? A sandwich or samosa? Wait, oh I can’t feed your girl’s pet, sorry.

Q. Shut up na. It’s cool and all but here’s the obvious question. How much do you get paid? What is your post in the company? Sorry, pet business doesn’t sound multi millions business to me, so?
A. Vineet, it’s not always about money, it’s about passion. And for the record, I am the owner of The Pet Shop.

Q. What?

Q. Seriously?
A. Yes. Seriously.

Q. So I will get a discount?
A. Yes, Mr. Baniya, you’ll. And not just you, everyone will get a discount this month. The Pet Shop completed one year in operation, so we are running some schemes, you can find them on Facebook.

Q. One year? Wow man.
A. Yes, why is it so unbelievable?

Q. No. I mean it’s great. I have never done something like this in my life. It’s great.
A. Even you have your blog and that is pretty good. I have read it. And it’s always about the passion you know. So stop this interview, stop being depressed. Your life is going good only. There are things you can’t do, many things, but there are certain things that many can’t do but you can. Look for those things, get serious, have fun with life, do things you want. Study. Read. Write. Start something. Learn something. But, with passion, do every little thing with unmatched passion. Give it your everything and you will succeed. And one more thing, stop watching reality shows, they suck!

Q. Wait, wait, wait. You read my blog? Then why did you lie that time?
A. Because of this only, you start behaving like a kid when you talk about your blog. THIS right here is passion.

After this, we started discussing girls and I, needless to say, was uplifted already. I made it a point to take everything seriously since that day and work on what I can achieve rather than crying about what I can't. I realized if you want to do something, you can. But, it's tough, you will face issues, and that is where your passion will kick in. 


This interview might be a fiction, but THE PET SHOP isn't. It is real. Please like the Facebook page to get constant updates from them, regarding anything related to pets. Also, if you or your friends are looking to get some pets, I highly recommend Pet Shop for its high quality and relatively low price. As mentioned above, The Pet Shop is running some discount offers at the moment, go through their Facebook page once and you’ll know it all.
Just to clear it, hTe osLt is not promoting hTe Pet Shop for any commission in monetary terms.
This is their Facebook page like it to remain updated on all offers- 

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