Thursday, September 6

Break Ups and Getting Back- Random Thought From a Deserted Mind #1

Why do people get sad when they break up? I am talking about people who initiate the break up; like the ones who leave their better half in an abyss; why do they get sad? Is it because they are supposed to? Because it's what everyone else does? I have had my share of break ups over the years, some went easily, while some, I still think about, when I'm alone. So why does that happen? I wouldn't lie now, I used to tell people that I'm sad because she left me, and they'd find it cute, they said I was a sacha boyfriend. But there's one more reason I think it happens...

Another reason is I think the emptiness. When you are in a relationship with someone, you give them everything you can. And then when they leave, all that’s left is the big hole that once was occupied by them. I know am not able to make my point clear. Think of it this way, supposed this blog disappears, right now, and there’s no way it’s coming back, wouldn’t you miss it? It doesn’t matter you like it, you hate it, that all doesn’t matter, a certain part of you will miss it, and it doesn’t mean you want it back, it’s just that you are osLt, you don’t know what you would do with THIS time; the time that you’d generally use to read it.

The same happens in case of a relationship, we get so close to someone, we talk to them 24x7, we give them everything we can, we tell them every dirty secret of ours and once they’re gone, we have no idea what to do with our lives, we have no idea what to do with the new secrets, whom to tell them, we have no idea what to do with so much free time. We start thinking we miss them, but in reality we don’t.

I am sure, when you’re so close to someone, when you love someone, you just don’t break up. You just don’t get bored of them and break up (assuming you’re sane). There are always reasons. Good ones. Or maybe bad ones. But in these times of distress, the post break up period that is, we assume, we miss them and that entire break up thing was a bad decision. So we decide to get back with them, and the same shit happens all over again!


  1. Its gud...sumthng pratical ..and i liked one part...if its true love . Dere is no point of break up...!

    1. thank you Priya, we are on the same boat! :)