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The Kind of Birthday I would want! [Part-IV]

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No one had spoken in a while now, and she must have understood it by the way I was thinking, I had to do it right now, today, on her birthday, which wasn’t making it any easy in anyway. But, wait, she missed the Mumbai job because of me, wait man, think properly.

Finally, holding her one hand in mine and I got down on one knee and asked her, ‘Kyra, will you marry me? Wait, I mean after three years?’

I anticipated she’d smile and giggle, you know, but she started crying, really badly, as if I had committed some unexpectedly horrible sin and it was scary to say the least. Without saying anything, she just continued crying with her one hand on her mouth, shaking badly. I called her once or twice asking her what was wrong. She just cried. 

‘Kyra, my knee is hurting, can I get an answer now?’ Honestly, I was unsure of what to say. This was the first time I had seen her crying so much. She always looked like someone who wouldn’t get affected by anything, some kind of emotionless girl, who is too strong for this world. I mean it in a good way. She was still crying.

‘So, it’s a no, Kyra?’ I was getting impatient and my knee was hurting. Right now, I didn’t even care for the answer as I had assumed it was a no, and I was thinking of some excuse so that I don’t look bad in front of our friends when she tells them how I proposed and she said no. ‘If she says no to the proposal Vineet then just tell her you weren’t serious anyways and you hate her, and you never loved her at all and it was all done to get into her pants. Hurt her back Vineet! ’, my male ego was talking shit to me. I asked her again, aggressively this time, ‘Is it a no Kyra?’

Making a face of disgust, she told me, ‘Vineet, shut up na, let your wife cry for some time, it’s her best birthday gift ever, just let her cry, she’ll be okay in few minutes, please?’ ‘Okay, do whatever you want!’ if she could make a face, I was no less. Wait, did she call herself my wife? Yes, oh bloody yes. Oh my God. Wait. I left the hand I was still holding, and just lied down on the floor. She said yes, Kyra said yes. I was going to bloody marry her. I lied down and started smiling and crying. What? I really don’t know what I was doing laying there like a moron on that wooden floor.

‘Vineeeet? Something wrong?’ She asked me confused by my sudden breakdown. I got up, held her both hands in mine, and hugged her. Real tight this time, no-air-could-pass-between-us hug, wow man, it felt so nice. ‘Vineet, you’re going to crush me now!’ I released her from my grip and looked into her eyes before kissing her on her forehead and said, ‘I realllyyy love you, Kyra!’, ‘Love you too Vineet. You’re happy na?’ I moved closer to her ears and softly I said, ‘No, what do I look like? Idiot.’ She jabbed me in the stomach.

‘Okay, enough of all this, now let’s do what I came here for and since we’re going to be husband and wife, and it’s your birthday, so we can do it right now. I think that’d the best birthday gift ever.’ I could read the nervousness in her eyes, we were alone in the house, she had accepted my proposal and I had hinted my desire already. I knew I was going to get thrashed for this prank but I continued, ‘Kyra, where should we go? Your bedroom is okay? I have everything we might need you know’, hinting at my wallet. It was actually a coin’s impression, but I knew what she was going to think. She was quiet once again, she was not refusing the offer; she knew, it’d hurt my big fat male ego. She was too nervous. The entire smile from her face had wiped off suddenly, she was forcing one, but it was evident that she was forcing it. God, it was so funny.

If I didn’t tell her now, she would start crying. So I had to say it, ‘Kyra, where are we going to cut the cake and celebrate your birthday in your room or somewhere else?’ The moment I said it, a hand came flying at around 50kmph and hit me right in the stomach, another came and hit me on the other side, and when I thought it was quiet now and all missiles she had were used, a leg landed right on my balls, well, that hurt the most to be honest. I had tears in my eyes. She wasn’t even sorry. She kept looking at me with red eyes looking for some more shots. ‘Kyra, the last one could have been your loss, you know!’ I said howling in pain.

After five minutes, when I could walk properly, I asked her how she wanted to celebrate her birthday, ‘Kyra what are your plans?’ She looked me, and with a puppy face she said, ‘I have no plans, I called you home, because I didn’t want to be alone on my birthday.’ ‘What do you mean by being alone? You had a party with your friends last night. I saw the leftovers in the garden.’ I was sure I saw them when I entered this mansion. ‘Haha, Vineet that was my Dad’s business party, apparently, he got promoted in the bank so he called up his friends and all.’ Judging by the mansion, I thought he owned the bank. ‘Well, that’s good only na? You have two reasons to celebrate now. Your birthday and Uncle’s promotion, I am sure last night’s party was fun.’ I tried sounding as enthusiastic as possible. ‘Yeah, it was fun’, she said in a cold tone. ‘Really? What did you guys do? Tell me all,’ I tried sounding more enthusiastic and interested even though I knew nothing about her family. And it was not because I didn’t want to know, I asked her a couple of times but the topic always was sidelined.

‘Vineet, are you not fucking getting it. I don’t talk to my Dad, and he bloody doesn’t know it’s my birthday today, he’s off to London for some shit conference!’ she was getting very loud now. ‘Kyra, I think you’re over reacting, the conference must have been important na, why else would he go on her birthday?’ I was trying to calm her done. How could she talk about her Dad like this, with such disrespect? How big a deal we make our birthdays as. She replied even more assertively now, ‘Vineet, what part are you not understanding? We don’t talk. My Dad, hypothetically my hero, doesn’t know when my birthday is. And you know what, in all probability; he didn’t even want me to have a birthday, Vineet.’ She had tears in her eyes when she said this. I didn’t reply. She continued, ‘Vineet, you don’t know anything. Kabhi fursat me likhenge batayenge tumko. You know let’s get out of this house for some time; at least you celebrate my birthday? At least, you rejoice the fact that I was born? Please?’ She was waiting for my reply. I didn’t really know, how to react, I kissed her on the cheeks and said softly in her ears, ‘I love you, let’s celebrate your birthday now as it should be!’

We left her house to celebrate after I wiped her tears and made her smile with my awesome charm. I don’t know why she laughs when I tell her I’m awesome. She was smiling now and I was certain I would do everything to retain that smile on her face. Her words were still ringing in my ears, ‘in all probability; he didn’t even want me to have a birthday, Vineet’. How I had thought her life was perfect!

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