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The Kind Of Birthday I would want! [Part-V]

This is the final part of the series. It's a little long, it might take some time for the page to load, and for the love to show. Please be patient. Read this. Share this. Thank you! 
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I changed into something that would not attract more eyeballs than the shorts would have and we left my house to celebrate. Vineet wiped my tear saying he was awesome; I don’t know how he could make me smile with all his antics. The point was I was smiling. The day had been perfect till now, much better than my previous birthdays in which I was just a show piece of beauty, and my Dad’s guests would come, play cards, talk business and leave, some even without wishing me. It was more of an ‘I-have-influence-in-the-society’ party for my Dad.

‘Kyra, I haven’t planned anything, I thought there was a party at your home so, I just bought the gifts, I am sorry, love’, he said as we were walking down to the main gate holding hands. 

‘That’s really okay, but where are we going right now?’

‘I don’t know… I am thinking. I am so sorry yaar

I didn’t mind if we went nowhere, I just needed to be with him, holding his hand. We could just sit somewhere and talk and talk. How splendid that would be. I looked at him from the corner of my eyes; he was in thinking intensely. Why was he so tensed? He had done everything to make my birthday special, he came to my home, he danced with me, he proposed me. What else do you want on your birthday? 

I had no idea how I got this guy in the first place, he was super-cool as Malini used to say. I remember, before Vineet proposed me in Mandarmani, Malini had told me she’d try her charm on him. She had such a huge crush on him-he was funny, he was smart, he was an intellect, and he was lovely-but alas, I got him and I felt so bad for Malini.

I didn’t really understand him when college began. He used to sit with Yash. He’d just sit there and draw or write, without realizing there was a teacher in the class with 40 other students, our presence made no difference, super weird he was. Whenever we’d have a discussion, he’d always choose the ‘wrong’ side. I told him once that he only did it to be different and he said, ‘if you don’t know sadness, you won’t understand happiness, if you don’t know pain, you won’t rejoice joy. If someone doesn’t tell you more about the ‘wrong’ side, you’d not know why right side is right!’

But after a few months when we started to sit together, I discovered so many other layers in his whole system. The subtle care he had for me; bringing me coffee in class when I had headaches, and telling me it’s only because I have to make some assignments for him; even discussing the girls-only topics like make-up, shades of colors, lipsticks, nail paints, other girls, when Malini bunked some classes and I needed a female companion, funnily more often than not, he’d lose control and tell me how sensual my lips were, or how lovely I looked. I remember, he used to tease me with every other guy in our class and I would say something like ‘I like that guy. He’s hot’, just to see that well disguised irritation in his eyes which he’d try not to show but I knew it, I knew he got irritated and upset, I knew he loved me.

There was this one day; I was sitting on my bench reading a fictional novel. He took it from me and kept it in my bag and made me promise, ‘Kyra, no matter what happens, you’ll not read this, there are much better books on both vampires and love out there. We don’t like how the author has described us; we don’t sparkle in the sun for God’s sake.’

And my god how awesome did he write. He showed me his diary one day out of the dare I gave him and it was so bloody nice. I was so amazed by the cartoons, the little thoughts, the shayaris, the hate letters, and the emotion in everything.

He gently squeezed my hand he was holding as he broke my unchained line of thoughts, ‘Kyra, we should go to The Park for dinner?’ he asked me with the other hand in his back pocket as if he was making sure he had his wallet with him.
 ‘Vineet, I would rather sit somewhere in a quiet atmosphere and talk, you know. There’s no need to go to The Park when we can go to some park.’ I understood the accidental joke after I had cracked it. It was lame I know but if he didn’t laugh, I would kill him right here, right now.

‘Hahaha, Kyra, you know what they think of couples who go to some park?’

‘Vineet, since when have you started caring about them?’

"Chaar baate kar lene do un logo ko,
Unka to kaam hi yahi he,
Tum kyon apne ko badalte ho,
Chaar baate kar lene do un logo ko,
Unke pass koi kaam hi nahi he!"
-April, 2009

He squeezed my hand firmly before he said, ‘I don’t care about them, I care about you.’

‘We should go on a long drive, Vineet, yes this is perfect, and we should just drive and drive. Wow,’ suddenly this idea stuck into my head. I wanted to do this so bad now. If he said now, I would kill him right here, right now.

‘Umm, okay, we can do that. But I came in a cab today; you’ll have to arrange your car.’

We walked near our garage, and pointing to my Scooty I remarked, ‘Who said anything about a car?’

The look of surprise and rejection-of-riding-a-Scooty idea on his face told me it was going to be a very hard job to convince him to ride a Scooty, it goes against the macho image and all.

‘Kyra, I can’t ride this, it’s so small and all.’

‘Oh that’s so sad, Vineet. We will discuss about it on the long ride when you sit behind me.’

‘What? I am not sitting behind you, what the hell!’

Sitting on the seat, I took the key out of my purse and ordered him to sit behind with one glare and he followed the instruction like a puppy. Oh, how much I loved my eyes and my cute little puppy. I started the engine expecting it would roar like a lion, and it did, though only in my head. It was my Harley Davidson.

10 minutes into the ride, we reached the highway and there wasn’t much traffic. We both were quiet but it wasn’t uncomfortable this time. He had wrapped his hands around my belly tightly which unbalanced the whole sooty once or twice and he rested his head on my back; the feel of closeness, oneness, mesmerizing it was. He started singing some old songs, and since the Scooty wasn’t roaring like a lion, it was perfectly audible. I don’t know where we were going; the Scooty was just speeding through darkness with the head light as its only guide and the lovely song playing on my radio, there was no destination needed.

"Kabhi kabar,
Jee karta he, kho jaayein,
Aankho ke saamne se,
Andhere me gum ho jayein,

Log khojenge,
Andhere ko tatolte,
Aankho ko masalte,
 Kuch pal sukoon milega,

Sab se dur hoke,
Tumhare bahut pass hongey!"
-December, 2010

I stopped near a dhaba as I had to treat him on my birthday; those are the rules, aren’t they? And I figured he would be starving since he hadn’t eaten much today. I parked my Scooty as he searched for a bench for us to sit. A young kid came and asked us, what we would have, and after taking the orders, went back to his boss.

‘I love you, Kyra, I really do!’ with sincerity in his eyes he said.

‘I love you too, Vineet’ I could just smile; it was so perfect this whole thing. I touched the wooden bench covertly as this thought crossed my mind, I didn’t want anything to change.

Our order arrived, a glass of jal jira, paneer tikka, tadka daal and some tandooris. The kid told us he was just a call away if we wanted to order anything else and winked at Vineet. Vineet smiled and looked at me embarrassed. After we ate, Vineet called Champ said something in his ears and asked him for the bill. The champ also got two icecreams for us, I loved it, wait... Vineet must have said it to him secretlyThe bill was Rs. 227 and by god was my stomach full. I let Vineet pay it without any protest, he is will be is my husband and he is supposed to pay all my bills.

We got up and I gave the keys to Vineet. This time I gripped his stomach tightly and rested my head on his back. He was so well built up; my cute little puppy had turned into a beast, naughty thoughts clouded my whole mind and I started wondering how it would feel to touch him-his body and soul. He started talking. He told me about his family, his sister, his Maa-Papa, his career goals, his writings, he told me everything. And for the first time in my life I told him about my mom and dad so openly and easily. I told him about their divorce when I was only 13. I told him about my not-so-good childhood. I told him my everything. I felt so bloody comfortable.

          "Ek din aisa aayega,
Jab teri khusiyon se,
Sirf tu khush na hoga,
Jab uske dukh se,
Sirf wo dukhi na hogi,
Tab, hoga, pyar tujhe!"
-May 2011

We reached my home and sat on the steps of the main door and started talking again. Moon was the only light there. The only light we needed.

‘Kyra, since your Dad is not here, you will sleep alone, in this big house?’ he asked me. I could sense the mischief in his voice.

‘No, I usually go to my Chachi’s home, they live nearby’, I acted indifferent to his tone.

‘Oh, otherwise I would have stayed, I am sweet and protective, you know’, he said winking at me touching my waist below my t-shirt sending chills in my whole body. ‘Stay Vineet, please?’ I was getting desperate now; I just wanted to be with him and maybe do bad things to him. He smiled and leaned forward, biting my ear, he said I love you.

We stayed like that, talking for some more time, it was 11.55 now. He had to go now. This day was going to end now. I will start to cry now. If he didn't bloody kiss me on my lips now, I will kill him, right here, right now.

‘Vineet, you won’t get any cab, take the Scooty.’ We got up and walked to the Scooty holding hands firmly. We held the hands for the entire time we were together and it was this small thing that made so much difference. I sat behind him so he’d drop me at my Chachi’s home.

The engine roared and in two minutes we were at my Chachi’s. It was bon adieu. I got down and walked till the main gate. I knew, only after I entered safely, he’d leave.  

Kiss? I think we underestimate what a kiss can do. A kiss on the cheeks can certainly heal all the pain you have, a kiss on the forehead can certainly tell you someone is there, a kiss on the nose can certainly tell you someone wants you. A kiss on the neck, well; it can certainly tell you things are going to get nice in some moments.
You’d ask me about the kiss on the lips. Well, I have no idea how that would be or how it would feel. I can only assume that when her lips touch mine, everything else that is there will fade, the pain, the troubles, the people, the earth, the moon, the sky, the stars, they will all fade into nothingness, they will all disappear from my reality. There would just be this softness of her lips on mine, and love and care. And my lips will melt, and my heart will as well with my soul. Into purity.
I think it would not matter physically as much as it’d matter emotionally. I will hold her by her waist and bring her closer to me, and we’ll just dissolve into one.
But alas, I can just assume.
-January, 2010

I didn’t look back, I didn’t want to show him my happy tears, had done that so many times today. This day was going to end. WHY?

As I was about to open the door, he held my waist and turned me and everything faded, the pain, the troubles, the people, the earth, the moon, the sky, the stars, everything disappeared from my reality and I melted.

‘Happy birthday Mrs. Vineet, once again.  And don’t sleep, because I will call you in’, looking at his watch which was not there he said, ‘in thirty minutes!’

I entered after telling him to ride properly and how much I loved him. Closing the door behind me, I went in my room thinking about the wonderful day today was; exactly like the kind of birthday I would have wanted. I don’t know when sleep hugged me in her arms.



  1. What the fuck!! It is not suppose to end. You have to write more.
    You know what while I was reading it, I was so desperately connecting it with myself and was so deeply engrossed in it till the end. And if you remember I told you long back that your stories lack this connection with the readers. But now no complains after this. You portrayed your girl's emotions so elegantly and with such a clarity (and obviously without being a pervert) that for a moment I fucking wanted to be you.

    Loved this as I love everything you write.

    1. haha. thank you Gaurav! :D
      and you know, for a moment there i really wanted to be 'me'.
      i tried my best with this one and glad it came out this way.
      and its just the birthday series that has ended. there's so much left...

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. but there were things in this post which could have been done other way.. I don't know if you had any motive behind, but to me it was unnecessary.!!

    4. i think i understand what you mean there. those were done to keep my options open. in case i want to write something more someday regarding this, i will have some loopholes working in my favor. :|

    5. you should have done it other way.!
      why ruin the fun here.. I didn't like that at all..!
      the diary note part.. ! the note should have talked about something other than the uniform.!

    6. hmm. i thought this would actually help people to understand that whatever is written in this way is the portion of his diary.
      it was not required i know.
      changed it. thanks :)

  2. Replies
    1. And one word is enough Saurav. Thank you :)

  3. Happys Endings..:D
    I didn't knew when this puppy(class 11's vineet) turned into a Dog(again..It's u) kidding..pls don't mind..:):)
    Actually I meant..dat u turned into an awesome writer..keep going..:):)

    1. hahaha, i was always a dog :p
      and thank youuu. means a lot when people say that. really. thank you :)