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The Kind of Birthday I would want! [Part-III]

You have to read the first and second part to understand this. Really, this is like a novel or something, you know, cool! :D
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I thought this was the time, I would make an approach for the love making, the mood was set, and the place was alright, so I gave her a little jerk to bring her out of the oblivion. She looked at me smiling, with red eyes, and tears in them. I was so lost in the music and the dance that I didn’t realize she was crying.

My girl was crying. 

‘Kyra? What’s wrong?’ I asked her, with a shaky voice, I don’t know why my whole body had started to crumble. Man, I couldn’t see her cry. She wiped off the tears without even looking at me. ‘What’s up Pagal? Why are you sad?’ She still wasn’t saying anything. The whole thing dawned upon me now.

The thought of being a showoff in college because I would have made love to her, the thought of telling everyone, and making it as some achievement, and the thought of hurting this girl in the process, I was being a sick boy friend and she kind of understood it by the way I behaved today on her birthday as a total jackass. This was supposed to be her best birthday, and I ruined it royally. Her voice brought me out of my despair when she asked, ‘Vineeeet, what are you thinking?’ I could only say ‘Sorry, Kyra, I didn’t think properly, I thought you wanted it…’ The minute I said those words, she started off as loudly as the drama queen in some Indian television show and said, ‘Yes, Vineet, yes, you thought I wanted it, you thought I was the one who wanted it, how can you think that Vineet, how, my love of my life, how?’ and started giggling at her own joke. Her tears had now dried off, and she was behaving normal or maybe acting like one. I had to clear the air, ‘Kyra, I thought it’d be cool and all if we made love, you know, and I behaved awkward, I am really sorry!’ ‘Vineeeet, you’re my boy, and you’re supposed to think all these things. Stop being sorry, it’s not your fault that your girlfriend is soooo freaking hot!’ and with this, she went on laughing again at her own silly joke. ‘I am not a boy, I am a man’, I uttered with a clear hint of displeasure. ‘Really? I saw the man and his superb control over his own body today. You’re just my cute little boyyyy who has never seen a girl in shorts!’ The place was filled again with her laughter. ‘If there ever was an award for laughing at your own jokes, you’d have gotten it Kyra!’

It was a delight to watch her laughing and enjoying like that; it reminded me of why I loved her so freaking much. Wait…

‘Kyra, if you weren’t crying for that reason then why were you crying?’ The giggling stopped as she looked at me with questions in her eyes, ‘Vineet, you’re going to Bangaluru next week, for your MBA leaving me behind, here, in this city alone. And I can’t bloody live without you.’ She continued as there was no response from me. ‘You never think about me, I could have gone to Mumbai, with my job offer, but I stayed, because of you and you’re leaving me just like that.’ I remember the day when she refused the Lakme internship as they were posting her in Mumbai, she refused by saying, she didn’t like Mumbai. This girl didn’t go because of me, I was so important in her life. Wow. It felt nice being me for some moments there. ‘But Kyra, studies are important, you know that, right?’

There was silence again, and God, was it uncomfortable.

We both kind of knew this day would come, when we’d have to be apart, take separate routes, go different places, think of the future, and today was the day, it was going to happen. I should have proposed her earlier; we could have had so much more fun, so many more memories to go through the tough lonely time waiting for us ahead.

It happens with all of us, doesn’t it? We get into a relationship knowing well enough that it might not work till the end. We love each other but that’s not the only point to consider. There are so many other factors. Still we continue; we don’t believe we’ll have to go separate until the very last day. We hope. We expect. We get disappointed.

But today was the day, I had to be strong, I had to do it, I had to be the man, I had to call this relationship off. It’d hurt me, it’d burn inside, but studies and career were two things I couldn’t mess up. I had to be rationale, even if we continued, long distance never really works, we’d eventually get irritated by each other and end it on a bad note. Ending it now was better. But she missed her Mumbai job for me. Wait, I had to be strong. Vineet, focus, be practical and honest with her.

No one had spoken in a while now, and she must have understood it by the way I was thinking, I had to do it right now, today, on her birthday, which wasn’t making it any easy in anyway. But, wait, she missed the Mumbai job because of me, wait man, think properly.

Finally, holding her one hand in mine and I got down on one knee and asked her, ‘Kyra, will you marry me? Wait, I mean after three years?’

TO BE CONTINUED. Read the 4th part here.

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  1. awesome nd still ters a 4th part coming my friend ????
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    1. yes, i think there's a forth part now. they'll most prob repair the fountain now :D
      and thank you Harshu! :)

  2. Interesting.. and very realistic too!

  3. We get into a relationship knowing well enough that it might not work till the end. We love each other but that’s not the only point to consider. There are so many other factors. Still we continue; we don’t believe we’ll have to go separate until the very last day.

    Very mature thinking :)

  4. super crazy blog....!!!!
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