Sunday, October 28

Master of Lies and Disguise!

[Highly recommend you to read it from a desktop, with Google Chrome or Firefox, these fonts man!]

 They’re in a rush,
An important meeting
Or a family-dinner awaiting,

Just as they’re about to leave,
[Acting like  you've something to say]
Ask them to stay, 
[Make a fictitious expression while at it]
With tears flowing through,
[Challenging the crocodiles on their way]
 “There’s something I need to say”,

[But you know]
Blame it on the huge rush,
 But they wouldn’t stay,
‘Later, please’, they would say,
Ignoring the tears and the sorry face,
 Feeling bad for you,
They would start their race.
[Just how you wanted in the first place]

Days, months or years later,
 When some of your dirty little secret is out,
Back bitching or worse,
Plotting and planning,
Deceit and betrayal,
[All you've done till date]
And they curse you,
For you did it to them,
For you didn’t tell them,
‘I was your best friend’, they say,
‘You could’ve told me’, they say.

Tell them you were about to say,
"But my best friend,
 you were in a huge rush that day."

Hoping they'd never read,
 between the lines,
and the spaces,
drawn between you and them,
where the truth lies,
and wishing they'd never see,
who you truly are,

My  Master of Lies and Disguise!

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