Thursday, November 22

Helpless like a Fly!

am helpless,
like a fly, struggling,
to get out of the room,
through the glass window,
crushing into the glass it can’t see,
trying ever so hard,
but it can’t flee.
someone tell her,
that’s a closed window,
someone help her,
open this window.
am hesitant,
like the ant,
deciding to cross the line,
of chalk and powder,
drawn to deter it,
from what she can’t live without,
 her only source of energy.
someone warn her,
she better stay away,
someone help her,
stay the fuck away,
It’s so wrong,
to be in this position,
unsure and undecided,
confessing or hiding,
crossing or staying,
probably this is how it feels like,
to be in love with someone who doesn’t know!


  1. Replies
    1. I know, the photograph is nice. thank you Shristi :D

  2. A dilemma of a love where the person concerned is unaware of the inbound feelings...

    1. and hence he cant decide what to do.
      thanks for the comment Anjan! :)

  3. nice lines!! and yes, that someone special not knowing "it" can sure give heartburns....!!

    (btw if u thought a fly is a movie called "makhi"...)

    1. it does give, a lot of them.
      and i have heard lot about it. Makhi hu mein Makhi! :D

  4. Beautiful lines! I like the comparison made to describe the dilemma.

    My world, my thoughts, my musings...

  5. Awesome lines...Loved the examples you've given to portray that sad feeling :/

    I too had written on the same subject...Please have a look if you get time :)

    Love that doesn't reciprocate