Sunday, November 11

Magic in the World!

Have you had moments when you can’t express what you have in mind because it’s way too much and you have no idea where to begin? Have you had moments when you want to leave everything because one thing that you wanted desperately is not with you anymore? Have you had those depressing moods for hours and days and weeks and you don’t find yourself getting out of it? 

Have you played a game with a kid and let him win? 

Have you had moments when you confuse the days and you keep on doing it for the whole day and the next? Have you had moments when everything seems like a movie-a monster movie in which all everyone is doing is trying to hurt you? Have you had moments when nothing goes the way you intended and life seems to fall apart? Have you had moments when even music fails? Have you had moments when you can’t get through the first few pages of the book you want to read?

Have you ever talked to a soldier about the war he has been from and the ecstasy he felt when he met his family?

Have you had moments when you are sitting in a room with a stranger but you can’t talk to them because they once used to be the closest thing to you? Have you had moments when you share everything with that one person and suddenly realize it’s just been some days since you started talking to them? Have you felt the comfort of trust and power of silence? 

Have you sat beside the one you love, their skin touching yours, making gigantic waves in your stomach, and suppressing the urge to tell them how much you love them and wishing this never changes?

Have you wondered how your life would have been had you been born in some other family or some other nation or some other time-past or future? Have you lied down for a while and just let it go, pass, whatever it is-your troubles and fears? Have you had moments, the seconds or the minute or two, THE moments in which the truth is disclosed or something happens and your life changes entirely from what it was mere seconds ago?

Have you seen magic?

Long walks solitary or with the company you want, playing and killing friends in Counter Strike, diving and taking a tough catch in the field, or watching a well-played goal scored, getting your meal fastest in the restaurant, or having an exact change for the rickshaw cart, deciding to call a friend and forget, their immediate calls reminding you of it again, waking up in the night thirsty trying to sleep back because you believe there’s a ghost somewhere looking for you, watching a good movie or reading a good book, answering the question and getting it right, or getting punched on the face in a fist fight, heading home with your favorite meal on the menu today, or watching the rain pour down your window, cracking the interview or passing the exam when you never thought you’d ever, meeting a childhood friend you never remembered or falling in love with the exact opposite, receiving an accolade for some proud thing you have done and watching the tears in your parents eyes cheering for you.

there’s surely some driving force,
right between you and me,
in the spaces,
where feelings lie,
invisible to the eye,
working like magnet,
bringing us closer or otherwise,

there’s surely some magic in the world.


  1. Hi, I came via Indiblogger ,through Forum. I really read your post and have voted for it because I liked it.:-)

    1. Thank you. I have started following you there for the same reason. :)

  2. Beautiful post! and the poem was lovely!!

  3. it is magic! :) i love this "crap"!:) :)

    1. haha that's kind of obvious. :P
      thank you :)

  4. Oh man.. the second paragraph.. it's like .. you wrote about me.. too gud.. and what a wonderful poem.. great job!!

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  6. first of all I am a huge coldplay fan so cheers for the header quote, second very simple observations expressed in vivid yet simple way.

    1. hey great that is. even i am huge coldplay fan. thank you, tried my best. :)