Thursday, December 20

For the Durgas and Laxmis of Our 'Atheist' Society!

Okay you might hate me for the silly way I’m starting this post, but I can't hold this thought anymore. What’s the point of this black dot picture that everyone is putting on their Whatsapp and Facebook? Why are you putting it and creating a divide between the people who have put it and the ones who haven't? Do you think people like me who haven't changed the DP are not upset and disgusted? And you're protesting 'because we live in a society, that can't protect its women', listen to yourself speak. YOU AND ME are the society. It’s a concept. We make it. We make all the rules. Are you not shouldering the responsibility away? Is it not our job to protect the women?

The bigger question here is what the solution is, what is to be done? It’s not whether or not you show your protest; it’s assumed that you’re agitated. I’m not against the ‘showing-your-protest-on-social-media’ culture, but I don’t think it really does anything.

We ourselves have always, with movies and advertisements, shown women as the weaker section in the society. A man wears a certain deodorant and the whole women clan race towards him as if he is the some God. Or take another case; a man with one spray seduces a newly married lady to cheat on her husband. Why are we not offended with it?

In fact, this is what we see every day on TV  and enjoy.

The question arises, why would the rapists not perceive woman as weak then? I am in no way defending their actions. God knows, I want them crucified; I want them to be hanged in public. But the point here is we are responsible in some ways. And we have to take some serious steps.

I hope by now, you know what happened in detail- this whole incident that is. The thing that disgusts me the most is that, these people slapped right on the face of the law, they insulted the whole country, and they mocked us. Why weren’t they scared? Why didn’t they think we would react? Why did they think we are so powerless and gutless? Is it because they know, the youth of this country, who have good enough power to change its course, will waste their time crying on social media? One of them is and he is not very proud of himself.

What should we do then? What’s my suggestion?

Honestly, I have no real idea as such yet.

We can start by treating woman with respect and giving them the space they need. Understand here that I am in no way implying women are weak. They are mentally as strong as we are, maybe stronger, but we have to understand that physically they are not as strong yet. We are their guardians/we have to be.

Let them wear what they want and party till their legs allow.

Blaming the woman for their own rape is like blaming the woman for their own rape. There’s not even another comparison I can come up with; it’s that silly.
And you know the worst thing?

Suppose they are hanged. What’ll happen after that? I tell you what; in some days, we will forget it all. Of course that doesn’t mean I don’t want them to be punished. But, there should be the some definite well planned action to remove this problem from the ground level. Punishing these people won't really work in the long term. It would no doubt create a great example for others. But in time, we will forget, they will forget; only the ones affected by this won’t- their plight will remain till they do. We need long term solutions; which demands efforts from everyone.

New laws should be made; and they should be followed. The police should work properly; there should be help lines and security services; organizations working to educate the values and instill them into the brains of everyone, even with force; severe punishment should be followed; there are so many other options as well. There should be a proper co-ordination between every strata of the society to protect its women; it's Durgas and Laxmis and Saraswatis and so many more. Right now, I feel like we don't believe in Goddesses anymore. 

We should set examples, so that the people, who even attempt to think about doing this in future, should shit their pants just by the thought of the consequences that'd follow. 

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