Tuesday, December 25

Welcome 2013, you’re scaring me already! [Post-1]

Who would have thought? 2013 is here and it sounds so awkward, I just started to write 2012 instead of 2011 and now I have to learn the whole thing again? It even looks ugly. Probably, because it makes you look like you have dyslexia and you can’t write the numbers in correct order. Twenty-thirteen, is that what the media will call this year? We can go with, I don’t know, two-o-13, or maybe ‘suck it’ if that’s okay with all of you. For me, this year is a ‘suck it’ year. And God is it approaching fast! With the world’s going to end and stuff, I never thought we’d make it to 2013 so easily. It seems like everything is uncomfortably-how do I say it- normal.

At this point last year, when I had just started blogging and realized its true potential in rocking my otherwise somewhat [read, very] boring life, I made some resolutions. The first one, I guess, was I’d go to clubs and dance and party and stuff. It’s silly, I know. That didn’t happen. The second one was I would read countless number of books and watch endless number of movies. Even this didn’t happen. There were some more, the usual types-I’d study this year, I’d top in my class, I’d convince the world I am Batman. Nothing really kicked off. I don’t even think I have changed much as a person in this one year, surely I am more ‘less mature’ now, and a bit more funny, because of the endless jokes I have literally memorized. [For the first time in my life, I have used ‘literally’ right] I will tell you one funny joke in this post, try to figure that out.

 What’s my biggest achievement this year?

Before chuckling away dude, I have one legit achievement. I sat on one chair for more than what normal people sit, umm, I don’t know, on a chair? I can’t draw comparisons; I am really bad at them. The only good thing I have done this year is I have used my computer; I have derived the whole freaking utility out of it. Just to give you an idea, 3.5 hours a day, for 365 days, minus some days when I was out of home, plus most days when I over-used it; the final tally comes to around 1277.5 hours, that’s like 160 working days I have wasted this year. That’s huge, isn’t it? And that’s a waste, isn’t it? Do not even wonder what I have done all these hours with free access to broadband internet and stuff, I watched so many educational videos, really helpful.

I realize this post was about welcoming 2013, but I guess one cannot welcome something without saying proper good byes. Aah, Good byes! It’s so tough to say good bye, isn’t it? This year was bad in those terms. Many things happened; the biggest was I broke up. [Yes I know, it’s hard to believe. A girl went out with me? Shocker of the year!] Did it teach me anything? Honestly, no. Philosophically, yes. Am I telling you? No. Do you care? No. Should I stop this? Yes. Did I stop this? No. Will I? Yes. When? No. Wait, that’s not even correct. Yes.

It’s like you’re in a desert and you can clearly see water on the other side. But when you go to the other side, there’s water where you were. Then you realize; its water everywhere, you just have to be a good swimmer.

[I am a 20 year old kid; don’t expect life changing quotes from me]

I also thought I’d start drinking and smoking this year, it all sounds so cool. [Chandler Bing!] But I didn’t. I couldn’t. Not because I am a good kid and I follow what my parents tell me to. My computer hard disk is willing to counter your argument. Why didn’t I start boozing then? Umm, I am actually and honestly, scared of the drunk-dialing thing. Yes, I said it. It is so scary to think that once you’re drunk you’ll spill out everything you have held in yourself for some very valid reasons. I hope that happens, someone accidently drugs me and I finally tell her!

Isn’t this what we all need? A bit of alcohol in our lives? To tell people we love/hate/dislike/adore them? To just talk to people? Why are we not able to open up? It saddens me a bit. It’s on my resolutions-2013 list.

maybe I will escape my fears, this time. 

This is getting longer than I thought; I’d end the first part now.

Why do you people even let me post, deny it somehow or the 'world gonna end' threat will resurface in few years. Kidding. SHARE. 

Let's try my resolution right now? Let's just talk? How was your year, 2012? Did you follow your resolution and dreams? Was it a good year? What’s your biggest achievement? Could you trick a girl into believing the world was going to end and one should try everything? I tried; had to use dark shades for one whole week.


She didn't punch me, she believed me, her brother punched. But, boy was it all worth it!  


  1. So, what was the "one funny joke in this post"? Was it the last line of the third paragraph? :P

    1. ummm. no re. soemthing else.
      but am not telling you! :D

  2. please tell me educational videos is the joke? :D

    1. NO. I did watch some very educational videos on the internet. why is it hard to believe? :D

    2. not buying! :D
      And then i think the joke is that you.re fooling ppl to re-read the post hunting for a joke but there is no joke! :P

    3. neh. there's one joke there. I dont understand why its so hard to find. guess i am not funny anymore. *sob* *sob*

    4. i give up.i have the post almost memorized but cant figure out.you're just so cool with your jokes vineet :D

  3. I donno what's the joke hidden in this post
    But, while reading, this line made me chuckle :D "[I am a 20 year old kid; don’t expect life changing quotes from me]"

    Happy New Year :)

    1. the joke is where you get a laugh! :)
      [again, am a 20 year old kid!]

      happy new year to you too! :)