Tuesday, December 11

I missed hTe osLt’s first birthday, worst blogger ever!

Okay, I was just going through my blog posts and I realized the first post I published was on 10th December, 2011. (actually its 11Th November!) Today is 11th. And today its proved that I am a jerk. The blogging-gods will be so angry with me. I didnt even know. I just forgot. God this is so bad. How can you forget something this big? Someones birthday? [hTe osLt is a different entity; treat it like a person.]

Anyway, so what should I do now? Is it too late to apologize? I don’t know, maybe. Maybe I can ignore the birthday thing altogether, this way no one will ever know about it. Not even hTe osLt. Isn’t this what I always do? I forget things and when I am reminded by some impulse, I do not act on it. [Stop correcting my English?] I think my brain is still running a Windows 95, the processor is slow, the memory is weak and well no one uses it anymore.   

But, I will opt for the high road this time. I will apologize, sincerely.

 Wait, this brings another question to my mind, are birthdays anything special? What really did hTe osLt do? It was my creation, and the Blogger platform helped me conceive it. It’s we who should be congratulated if at all. What’s hTe osLt’s contribution in the whole thing? All it did was create some troubles. What should we name it? What should we do with it-should it be a sports blog or a politics blog or maybe a non-niche blog that follows no particular order and does whatever it wants to like a troubled lost child? When will it have its own voice? When will people care about what it says? All these questions were a headache, but hTe osLt had no input in solving them. It just was there and smiled and played. Sure, you would say, it has changed people’s lives-the ones who are closely related with it. But it isn’t a reason for birthday celebration. Why are we so obsessed with Birthdays? If anything, we should congratulate the parents, I mean, the ones who created hTe osLt. That was a deliberate mistake. Even this was.

Why are we so obsessed with birthdays? Isn’t every day great? Don’t you wake up every day? Or are we so lonely and insecure that the day everyone calls us, and greets us-the ones we haven’t talked to in months, we feel happy and somewhat important? Maybe, we enjoy the attention we get. Everyone loves the attention. But is this really what you want-attention for being born? Have you met anyone who has not been born yet? I mean, it has happened with everyone you’ve met in your life. What’s so great about it? Maybe, you can celebrate the fact that, you have grown up, you are more mature, you have lived one year in good health  doing things you wanted to do or maybe you can drink and have sex now. Birthdays can be used as a day when you can retrospect, sit down and think about what all you have achieved in one year, or what all you could. But we don’t do that. We just enjoy the attention craving for some more.
And doesn’t growing up scare you? The more you grow up, the more you lose touch with your inner child? Every day you have to behave like someone who understands the ways of the world. Isn’t that scary? One should actually grieve with you on your birthday, one should tell you ‘I feel sorry for you bro!’

I think I am being too old philosophical and I should stop here. This is an unconventional ending, I know. But if you have been reading hTe osLt since the start-I know one person who has been [it’s me actually], then you’d know we ended posts in this manner, in haphazard manner. All you’re left with is a deduction in your IQ by reading it this far.
Wait, I am not in the mood to end it yet.

No, I am.


Anyway, to all the people who have read hTe osLt, forcefully or otherwise, in the last 12 months and liked it, recommended it to their friends, are hereby declared as mantally-the-gones. And needless to say, I love you for this. It has been a great year. Maybe I will sit down today and retrospect. You guys are awesome.

‘This is hTe osLt speaking; Vineet, my creator [yeah, talk about bad luck] has been really busy and careless about me this whole month, and because of his carelessness, you guys didn’t visit me much. We should hang out more, like we used to, you know? Here’s what you can do, share a story you liked the most, even with one person, or share the blog itself on your Facebook, or recommend it to your friends, anything. I know I am being selfish here, but hell, it’s my birthday [don’t you dare say belated, it’s not my fault] and I would love some attention, you know?’

Retrospection time. [Yep, I learnt this word and I am going to use it all the time.]
My ten favorites on hTe osLt-

10. My First Entry!- First one. Always a favorite.
9. What really happened in that year’s politics? [Part I]- This series was written nicely and all. But the biggest thing it did was get me some real attention. It was fun.
8. Another year passes by, just like that!- A story about childhood, first real mature writing. It looks silly now, though.
7. Arranged marriage-A gamble with your kid’s life!- When I realized I had a voice finally, and people are listening.
6. The game ends with it, and you think if your Cricket has, as well!- First satire kind of thing. Had decent jokes.
5. Why we will never be able to see the Gods!- A story on parents and their sacrifice. It was the most read for months
4. Waking up in a better tomorrow- Story of every girl!- I finally spoke against myself. I have done the things I mentioned this. And I am not proud of them.
3. An ode to the nice boys around YOU!- This is the most read on the blog. What else certification does it need?
2. The Kind of Birthday I would want! [Part 1]-This whole series made me realize I could write a book, someday in future.
1. I don’t want to sound too cool, but the most favorite one is not actually is a story. It is the whole thing. It’s hTe osLt, itself.

now, when I look back, I think, getting lost was the best thing ever happened to me. literally. 

Thank you all for listening to the crap for a year and one day now! :) 


  1. and your first entry doesn't even have a 'post comments' option


  2. okay,so hte oslt dint do anything.the creator of hte oslt should be praised and stuff? :D i know where this is going! but anyway birthdays aren't important so no one should be praised ! :P

    1. says the one who's waiting for her birthday since 364 days! :D

    2. :D okay.i don.t have an answer for that!

  3. Haha!...Even I keep forgetting birthdays. Anyways, Happy Birthday to 'hte olst' :) You can add 'Blogoversary' widget on your blog that keeps telling you how many days are left for next Blogoversary.

    1. thanks :D
      and thanks, but now its not coming for another 355 days, so i can manage without the widget for a while! :P

  4. What?! The post which went like 'you should be the captain of your own life' didn't even make it to the top 10?! That was my second-most favorite post in this blog, I guess! :O :D

    1. to tell you honestly, i made this list in a hurry and missed all the poems. all of them. and that was a good post, now i remember. which is your favorite by the way?

    2. The 'ode to the nice boys' thingy..