Wednesday, January 2

My Days Without You!

Every day without you,
feels like waking up,
from a nice sweet dream,
of the summer we spent together,
staring deeply into this darkness,
of the room and my dismal future,

Every day without you,
looks normal to the World,
it seems unaffected, always on the move,
it doesn’t know my state,
How would it?
luckily, it still has you.

Every day without you,
feels like October 2,
yes, love, that’s the day,
right after my birthday,
when everything’s changed back,
from some fairytale to regular,

These days without you,
sitting with a pen you gifted,
writing about you/trying to,
walking down this lane, in my head,
that’s clogged pleasantly by your beauty,
I feel I am closer to you,
than I ever was; than I ever will be,

And so I live!