Saturday, March 30

Stories that I will never finish!

This one month or two I haven’t posted much on hTe osLt. I have been writing though with same dedication; whenever I get time, I start scribbling the things that come to my head, they mostly contain hatred for her, but let’s keep it for a different day. I tried writing full-fledged stories as well, but I could not complete most of them. I have no idea why, maybe, lack of motivation, lack of insights. Anyway, so I have decided, I would let them remain incomplete. How cool it’d be when I become a famous writer one day and die and then people would discover the unpublished gems? Imagination can take you to such delightful conclusions.

I think those stories deserved to remain unfinished. When I read them now, I don’t understand why I wrote them, they are freakishly weird and mature for my taste. One’s about an old man who lost his son in a war and what his son’s sacrifice for the country really meant for him- a life lost because the politicians on both sides couldn’t arrange a talk properly. It remained incomplete. I couldn’t find an end. One’s about a Diwali and its unseen inherent darkness for the less blessed souls. I was thinking once when this one line really stuck me, ‘tum ameer jitna glass me rahisi dikhaane kai liye drink chor dete ho, utna hume peene mil jaye tab bhi chala lenge hum!’ I had to write a story centering on this line. I couldn’t find an end. But when I read them now, they really surprise me and I wonder why I thought like that at that particular juncture of my life. I am happy they are incomplete, for now I can end them in any way I want if I want that is. It is amazing to think that I have the control. Why don’t we have more control in our own story then?

Why don’t you try writing? Start writing; on the last pages of your notebook, on the little spaces left between the notes you’ve taken, on your Smartphone’s note taking app, on your best friend’s shirt, on your girlfriend’s arm, practically anywhere you find some space. Leave the mark of your pen and thoughts. They’ll make beautiful stories (not necessarily from what you’ve written, but that you’ve written). Write something for the ones who were there for you, or the ones who were not. Write birthday cards and anniversary greetings. Write letters for all the amazing people who you have had pleasure to meet. Keep some with yourself. You do not have to show them. You do not have to complete some stories, they don’t deserve to end. Write whatever comes to your head. That doesn’t have to be the best piece ever written on this planet earth. Stop comparing, your stories are not some products, you are not some product, stop rating yourself (and others), stop taking so much pressure on your little shoulders. You don’t have to change the world. You’re not ready yet. Just do what you really want to do. No one is going to notice, even if you want them to. Try. Create. Control.  

classroom doodle

How does some random girl or guy who came into your life a year or two ago, scar your heart for what you say, forever? Why have you given others so much control? Take it back. Scribble something (everything) about them and hide it in your deepest pockets to never see again, don’t keep it for another day. Forgive and forget. It will give you peace and closure. Be the reason for your own happiness and sadness.

You dear are your own incomplete story, constantly heading towards this inevitable end, whether you sit down or get to work for your dreams, whether you like it or not, your time is limited here and your story is unfinished; shape it into something you want. Stop letting others tarnish it; let them give their opinions but in the end do what you feel just. You are not some product on display at those fancy malls; you, my friend, are a story, an incomplete unique gorgeous story. Write it beautifully, please? 

|| THE END ||


  1. Beautiful and inspiring post!
    Some stories are better unfinished, I agree! :)

    Happy writing!!