Saturday, April 13

To the ones leaving behind amazing memories- to my Seniors!

It’s been two years, almost. College seems like yesterday. I didn’t think I'd survive when I joined my classes on the first day but look at me now, never been happier. The sad equation is- if it’s two years for me, it’s three years for you people. Your journey is ending-full of bliss and blues, but it’s ending now in these very moments.

I will try to write it as honestly and ardently as possible, but it’s difficult, right? I never was any good a writer, no matter how much you all lied to convince me.

It scares me now; to think there'd be no one to help when I need, no one to get me credits, no one to tell me which of their batch mates to ogle, no one to advise me how to pass without studying. There have been many instances when I had difficulties but I overcame, without your help; I knew if I needed help, you’d be there. This is essential, isn’t it? To have faith in someone, to have the confidence that you have people to help you, whenever you’re stuck, I suppose.

It’s funny how I sometimes felt more comfortable with you guys than my own batch mates. It wasn’t always like this. I remember when I came to college; I thought my immediate senior batch was a bunch of wannabes. They lived in such a grand fantasy world, walked as if they had conquered Rome, talked as if whatever they spoke was a favor to the humanity. Now, I realize, I was the one living in such a grand fantasy world.
While I was writing this whole thing, the intention of course was to write it as earnestly as possible, for the whole time I had one person in my head, or maybe two, depends on what basis you count people. You’d know by now who he is, and I hope he doesn’t call me gay or LOSER!! or fucktard once I start off with all the cheesy stuff about him. Now, to be really honest, I thought he was overly dramatic in the beginning, a good for nothing fat guy who’s been pampered by his friends so that he doesn’t roll over them someday. And it’s not my fault I had that impression, because my first interaction with him was a threat from his side, he came barging in with all his might and told me ‘what’s up?’ in the manliest manner. Yes, this was a threat. Yes, it scared me. Yes, I hated him. But as I have proved above, my initial impressions about anyone have been wrong, the case wasn’t any different here as well. He didn’t just talk to me, he enlightened me, with all his wisdoms and fuck-yous. I was never scared of the college goons, because he was around, because he was the biggest of them all and because one promise of a beer and he’d be on my side. I hope he’ll forgive me for cancelling every single plan he made. 

And then there are others- imagine this; you see a guy, you admire him, you think he’d do nothing wrong with his life, you see all the traits of a successful man in him, he’s that perfect. One random day, that guy comes to you, and he tells you ‘Vineet Digga, you write amazing blogs man!’ How do you ever take the man of his caliber who can possibly do anything he wants, seriously when he praises your silly blog? Do you need any more confidence in yourself after that?

One myth I’d like to bust here is a lot of people think, seniors rag you in the start. It’s a myth because seniors rag you whenever they get a chance. My case wasn’t really different. I have been ragged, I have been kicked on the bums, I have been asked to pay for their dosas and beers, all in good faith. I believe it’s a tradition [That’s what they told me every time I refused to pay]. But all that apart, I think they are really sweet; once you become friends with someone you see their real face, the face that’s as worn out and is as scared as yours is. It was funny to hear stories of their chasing girls and getting rejected. They were, after all, normal.

I was so proud that I blogged, I had forgotten you guys were doing far better things; managing your start-ups, learning new things, managing fests, having fun. I could have learned so much more from you people. We all could have. But, now its too late, now you are all leaving. 

You guys were like watchful guardians, always protecting us from this strange place called Xavier’s, guiding us with your valuable and not so valuable inputs. That didn’t matter, what mattered was someone was there, to take the blames maybe, or to help us gulp the pain. And it is a lot scary now, black all over, the helping hands have been withdrawn, and there’s nothing I see clearly. What’s more scary is now I’m supposed to play the role that you guys played. I will fuck up most definitely, and this time you guys won’t be there to help. YOU ALL ARE LEAVING! L

This is just an attempt to tell you all, the ones I have known personally and the ones I haven’t had the pleasure to, that you guys are amazing, so full of energy and potential. And you have helped me change in ways you wouldn’t understand, I have learnt, copied and got inspired. Thank you for always being there.

Guys, I have seen enough movies to understand that the outside world you all are cheerfully heading to is a very terrifying place, and our Father wouldn’t be heading it, it will test all your might. So, this is an attempt however silly you term it, to assure you that I have faith in you, we all have faith in you and we all wish you all the best for everything you do in your life. Rock the world, and tell us the stories.

“raat hone ko hai,
andhera chaane laga hai,
jaane ka dil toh nahi,
par jaana jaruri hai,
tammanaye hai bhari dil mein,
par wapas aane ki umeed nahi,
na jaane kab wapas milenge tumse,
na jaane kab wapas kahenge tumse,

kuch kisse jo baaki rah gaye the,
kuch kisse jo baaki rah gaye the!”

Bon Adieu! Happy Farewell!

Special mention: Arpit Jain, Shoaib Shaikh and Suraj Goyal [names are in alphabetical order! :P ]

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  1. college life is the most memorable time in a student's life. Reading your post made me nostalgic.