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Because that’s how We were going to Live!

This is a story about two people, a boy and a girl. They both are in Twilight kind of love, irresistible and stuff. You get the drift, right? They are both in college and their family has utmost regards for the traditional values. Now that’s enough an introduction for you to understand this story.

Love Code Trilogy Part I

One normal day; two people, Maaya and Swapnil and their fairytale life, here it is-

Maaya’s Point Of View

‘Maaya, I’ve been calling you since half an hour. Is everything alright?’ his voice was enough to make everything all right even if something was wrong. ‘Oho, Love. Nothing is wrong. I just woke up. When did you wake up, Paglu?’ ‘Half an hour ago. So you’re ready to be out of bed now?’ ‘Yes, ready in three seconds after I cut the call. Bye Love you.’ I cut the call when I heard no response to my ‘love you’. Ignorant prick he. Don’t worry heart, he will be taught a lesson. We would both leave the bed at the same time, as if we were in the same bed. These two-minute morning calls had become a habit. We both would keep calling each other until the other person would wake up and then leave bed together like husband and wife, because that’s how we were going to live, why not make it a habit?    

Love code #05: Do things that are meant for husband and wife, together like husband and wife. [One and only one exception]

Swapnil’s POV

I got up from my bed as soon as Maaya cut the call and rushed to the washroom. It was a relief, the peeing I mean. I had been holding it for twenty minutes. After losing the unnecessary weight, I realized I forgot to tell Maaya I love her. Oh, she would think I am such an ignorant prick. I heard my Mom calling me from outside. I ventured into the drawing room to find my Dad reading newspaper and Mom in the kitchen. ‘Good morning, Mommy, I am hungry, what do I do?’ I made a puppy face. Maaya had taught me how to do it, properly. Mom ignored my puppy face and blurted out with mild anger, ‘Swapnil, I have been trying to wake you up for half an hour, why don’t you get up a bit earlier, beta?’ She’s been complaining about my sleeping habits since eternity. I see no point in it-neither in waking up early nor in arguing with her about it. How would I talk to Maaya if I sleep early? That’s the only time I get to talk to her! I let it pass. ‘What happened, Ma? You need anything?’ I asked her while I yawned and stretched my arms as much as possible. We had talked till four last night. I feel so sleepy now. ‘Nothing, not now,’ she said as she moved across the kitchen to make tea for me.

Her anger had subsided and she began to tell me about a distant cousin who got engaged, ‘you know your cousin Ram got engaged and the ring ceremony is today…’ I missed most of it as my phone kept vibrating in the pattern that was set for Maay’s calls. Three years past and still her calls excited me to no end, sending currents to most unnatural of places. I had to get this call. I interrupted her in between and went in my room to receive the call.

Love code #09.2: Receive the call, as fast as you can.

Maaya’s POV.

When Dipti told me all our classes for the day were cancelled, I realized what a great opportunity it was. I and Swapnil were planning to go out for a movie and spend some time together for a long time but it always got cancelled because of my tuitions and his office. I called up Swapnil. Why is he not picking up my call? Is something wrong with his stomach again? Finally he did pick up my call. As soon as he said hello in the sweetest manner possible, I knew I could throw my tantrums, ‘Mr. Swapnil Whatever, first you do not say “I love you” and now you have the courage to not answer my call! How dare you do that! You know what I can do!’ I felt like a medieval queen. ‘My Queen, Maaya Whatever! I am so sorry for the troubles I have caused, believe me they were unintended. And there’s not a minute goes by without my mouth whispering a silent “I love you”. Every second of every minute, my lady, my heart reminds itself how lucky it is to find a place in your heart. You can hear its gratitude in the thunders right now.’ The weather had changed overnight. It was an overcast day, thundering and lightning could be heard and seen in the distant horizon. There were chances of rain as well. What a beautiful day! ‘Aah the weather, it’s a pity you cannot meet me in this weather.’ I said this in the most playful manner. Surely, he would feel a tinge. ‘Gadhi, Dipti messaged me already. She said you’re free today, and I should take you out somewhere. She also told me you’ve been feeling gloomy the whole week. Time for some questions. I will pick you up at 1.’ Yay. We were going out. After a long week. I couldn’t help but smile at the fact that he had mesmerized not only me, but all of my friends as well. In different proportions of course.

I left my home for tuition as planned and reached Park Street where Swapnil was supposed to pick me up. I called him up when I was about to reach. ‘Hey love. I will be there in two minutes. Where are you parked?’ ‘Besides McDonalds. Come fast. I can’t wait to see you in pink. You must be looking so sexy’ I blushed. It was romantic how we knew what the other was wearing and doing and everything else. Hail Whatsapp. This also was based on the same philosophy. We’d have to see each other every day after marriage. So why not make it an enjoyable habit? This is why we’d send each other photos, right after we took showers and got ready. Once he tried to convince me to send the photo a little earlier than usual. I asked him for a Sony Xperia Z. He’s still saving for it.

Love code #06: Send a photo when you've changed your clothes. I want to know what you’re wearing and how you are looking. 

Swapnil’s POV

Usually we used public transport, but since there were chances of rain today, I decided on the car. She was a little apprehensive about it, ‘Swapnil, your parents might need it. We will be fine with or without car.’ ‘Let’s be fine with the car then’, I had said. We were not those couple who needed to hide their love from anyone. We were confident, we were sure and we had no shoddy business going on. Maaya was the one who suggested it. ‘Swapnil, we love each other. It’s not a sin. It’s a good thing. We are lucky and we should appreciate it.’ Of course, parents were an excuse. But, with time, even they’d know. I saw her walking to the car, she was wearing a pink top and light blue jeans, a bag in her one hand and the phone in another. How hot could one look! She smiled as she saw the car and got in the passenger’s seat. ‘This phone doesn’t work in the shower, are you certain love?’ ‘Yes Swapnil, Xperia Z and I am not going to McD. I skipped my lunch. I am starving’

After lunch we drove to the nearby multiplex. We had two corner seats booked. This was going to be interesting. My body was shaking with excitement. When we entered, the hall was pretty much empty; who watches a flop movie anyway; carefully sitting on our seats with no soul near us, I held her hand in mine. Five minutes into the movie, I started massaging her hands gently and I could say from her eyes, she was enjoying it. As I leaned to her side, to kiss her, my phone buzzed. Had someone seen me here? There was no chance. Fuck, this is no good.

I was filled with terror as pulled out my phone. It was a call from home. I cut the line and put the phone on airplane mode. I leaned again to kiss her. This time there was no disruption, no vibration, no protest. She leaned towards me, and our lips met.

Maaya’s POV

To be continued…

|Part II|

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