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You're in true love, so what?

This is a story of two friends, who are more than friends, they are cousins. 

   Love Code Trilogy Part III

As Rameshwar was unlocking the door to their apartment, Namrata pointed out, ‘our Swapnil is so much better than him. He always gets better marks in class and he never drives this slowly. We could have reached twenty minutes early’. She’d have said this even if she was alone, she had to say it to someone or something. ‘When would you realize that Swapnil’s marks would not have helped us today in the rain?’ Namrata nodded half listening. Her mind was thinking, ‘my Swapnil never roams around with girls like him.’ She clearly didn’t know where her son's hands were roaming at this precise moment.

A car stopped in the driveway forty minutes after Rameshwar had changed into fresh clothes and thirty minutes after Swapnil had kissed Maaya goodnight, without a trace of the gentleman that his mother thought he was. Swapnil reached for the doorbell.  

Footsteps were heard and in a few seconds the door was opened. Namrata looked a little tired as if she had run to open the door which was made pretty clear by her first statement, ‘Where were you, Lalla? I was so worried, why is your phone switched off? Is something wrong?’ The voice was filled with terror, she had been worried since her first comprehension of, ‘aapni je numbare..’ but didn’t like to show in front of her husband. ‘Jesus mom, I am fine. I am a grown-up boy. Stop worrying about me like this!’ Namrata sighed and went back to kitchen.

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Swapnil realized he had put his phone in the airplane mode when he received the call from home. Maaya must have been worried, she would have called him and with Maaya’s thoughts Swapnil switched his phone back to normal mode. It buzzed with new messages as soon as it could breathe and restore connectivity. He replied to her as he entered the hall. 

When he entered, he saw his father sitting on the sofa watching some old movie unaware of the new entry in the hall. Swapnil lingered around a bit but his Dad didn’t budge even a bit to look at him. He heard his mother say, ‘Beta, you watch the movie, I will get dinner for you.’ Rameshwar sat still, eyes still focused on the television, Namrata stood waiting for the reply. Rameshwar didn’t blink once. An average person would blink ten times in that duration, and yet Swapnil couldn't see it, Swapnil couldn't see his Dad was pretending, his Dad was upset.

Instead, no longer able to take that sort of indifference a second longer, Swapnil stormed into his room saying, ‘I don’t want to eat and I don't want to watch any movie with you people!’ 

A phone buzzed somewhere and was picked up in two seconds, a horror filled voice was heard, ‘Swapnil, where were you? I tried calling, why was your phone off? Is something wrong?’ Swapnil explained to Maaya why the phone was off which cooled her down a bit. ‘Maaya, I dropped you exactly twenty minutes before, what could have happened? His voice was extra sweet, clearly trying too hard to avoid the disappointment he had felt minutes before. ‘Swapnil, what is wrong with you?!’ Maaya realized it faster than Swapnil himself could. He explained to her everything, how he felt he was being neglected and everything else that troubled him.

Namrata had retreated back to the movie with a faint presence of tears in her eyes. Swapnil was still talking on his phone. Rameshwar seemed unnerved, dissolved in the ongoing scene on the screen, an advertisement of a baby product he had no intention of buying. They had eaten dinner at the ring ceremony and in spite of Rameshwar’s warning, Namrata had cooked for Swapnil especially. He thought it was fair however it turned out.

||The Epilogue.||

I think I was very clear in establishing the fact that Swapnil and Maaya were in true love, whatever that phrase meant. It was chocolaty and seemed a bit over-the-top, yet they could marry each other at this very moment. And I also believe, I seemed very anti-love, but I’d like to clear it out with a little story.

Two friends were talking one night, with a similar story as the backdrop, when the first friend, he was much like our Swapnil, said, ‘But I love her, man. You don’t understand it because you don’t have a girlfriend. I will marry her. I want to spend my whole life with her, I am ready and so is she. I am not stalking or something you know; I am not doing anything wrong. Why don’t you understand, why doesn’t anyone understand?’

In a cool and composed voice, the other friend said, ‘So what? So what if you’re in true love, how does being in true love give you the excuse to be a jerk to everyone else? Why do you think finding true love is the sole goal that everyone has or should have? You have found love, well congratulations from me, it must have been difficult, I know. But that’s that. That’s the amount of fuck I give about you being in love. You idiots, when you get someone, you forget everything else, every other relationships that exist in this world. You forget about your parents, about your friends, about anything and everything else. How much time do you spend on talking to one person in a day? Is that even fair? Is that not an insult to every other person in the world. And then you cry like little boys when things go slightly wrong, your love life affects everything else. What a blithering idiot you are.’

There was no response. It almost felt like the connection was lost.

‘Listen to me, and listen very carefully, do not ever defend your stupidity again, okay? Your love will turn toxic if you go on like that. And you have given so much of your space to that one person that God forbid if something goes wrong, you’d not be able to fill that gap. For not a single moment, should you think that I am against love and romantic relationships, one guy-one girl thing, whatever your play is, I am all okay with it. Just do not let it blind you into thinking it is something great and it gives you any privileges over people who are not in love. Now, go back to your parents room and apologize to them, uncle told me he couldn’t reach your phone and I could see the panic in his voice, he was not angry because you took the car, he was angry because he couldn’t even show properly how panicked he was about you. They got drenched in rain for more than an hour, they left the ring ceremony early, they didn’t even eat properly, and there you were with your car parked and your lips busy. Yeah yeah, I know what you were doing. Do not make me say it again. You’ve crossed a limit today and if you do not go and apologize, I will tell them what you’ve been doing, I am serious. Your mother would surely tell Shakuntala, and she would tell me. I am your friend first, so do not make me do this. Go on now, I will talk to Maaya, I am pretty sure she needs my speech as well. Did you record it by the way? I am so smart, am I not? 

Abhinav continued with his monologue, 'and and and, Ram told me he’d personally see to your ass getting kicked, you didn’t even come to his ring ceremony. He said if you don't apologize properly, he will make sure you never have a ring ceremony. haha, anyway, leave all this, you know Bhabhi's cousin is smokin' hot?’ 

Swapnil said, 'Dude, you called your mother by her first name, you're such a git!'

They both laughed hysterically and talked for some more time, before bidding good bye. Swapnil called Maaya the moment Abhinav cut the call and told her, ‘Hey! I am going to watch a movie with Mom and Dad, I will buzz you later, okay?’ 

 The End

Dilip is not like Swapnil at all, even if their names have three letters common, I swear! :D

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