Friday, November 29

And the Liebster goes to...

It was a tense day, there were far too many people waiting for the results, me being one of them. Sitting nervously on my chair, I looked at my watch, this should be it, they would announce it anytime now. 

The host got on the stage and began to speak- she was a beautiful girl probably in her twenties, but I could not notice anything, not her lovely voice as it filled the whole room with a certain spark or that half-smile, that seemed to hold back something, something mysterious. I didn't know her personally, I had heard of her though, she lived somewhere in India where onions were sold there at Rs. 64 per Kg. That is something to go on with, isn't?

These awards sessions had some weird rules, the one who gets the award becomes the next presenter, when Sreesha received the award, I had made it a point to know her better, some sort bribing pre-preparations to bag the prestigious award for myself. 

The internet had only this to offer, she liked books, and shoes and Calvin and Hobbes. My taste exactly, except the shoes, I don't know, I have never explored that side of me. She loves Harry Potter. Maybe I can seduce her under a love potion? It was when I saw she loved 'If tomorrow comes' and 'Thousand Splendid Suns', both having strong female leads, I realized my efforts of bribing her would go to waste. 

After explaining the rules to the potential winners, she started announcing the winners, and I saw joyed faces around me, springing up from their seats and rushing to receive the award with their carefully made speeches. I sat there applauding. These were good deserving people. 

Then came the shock of the moment, I faintly heard it, 'and the last and the final Liebster goes to Vineet Digga'

Everything's really blur after this, I remember I had rushed to the stage to collect my award but they thought I was some impersonator (Seriously, I would have an impersonator? Not even in a parallel universe!). They asked me ten questions, that only the real me would know and these were my answers.

1. List ten facts about yourself.
This is a cheating question, that's like you getting one wish and wishing 'I want 100 wishes', though I would really try it. 
Anyway, I will give you one. 
  • I lie when I feel no one will find out. 

2. If you had to choose one of the following, which one would you choose and why?
There were some options, but my eyes never moved away from books, because well, BOOKS! 
  • I think I want to be passionate reader, I am not there yet, but I will be. 

3. Holiday destination: Would you choose a place with, Beaches, Lakes, Fountains, Mountains, oh wait, Desert, etc? *Its really tough to type all these questions Sreesha, let us copy-paste?* 
Anywhere with people I feel comfortable with, like myself. 
  • Happiness is good only when it's shared. This is my motto. (Into The Wild!!) 

4. Which of the following describes you well while you were in school/college? Nurse, wait again, I meant Nerd, Class Clown, Hottie, Friend-to-all, Introvert.
This is an extremely difficult question to answer, I have been so many things except hottie (I was in a Guys' only school, trust me I am happy!) Anyway, like I said, I had different phases, the one I am most proud about is, in class 9, I was the goto guy for adult jokes. 
  • well...

5. What is your favorite genre of music?
I have started listening to Club music, I hated it, I think I will love it in some days to come, if only you could recommend me good music. 
I don't really have a taste, whenever someone asks me what type of music/movies/books you like, I say the good ones.
  • I try to make myself sound smarter than I really am. 

6. What is the most insane thing you've done in your life till date?
This question, if its asked to me in my MBA PIs, I am a goner. I don't know what appeals to you as insane, I really don't know. If I say, I read all the HP books in ten days, would it qualify as insane? Or is it just normal? Or if I say, I fell in love...wait...why did I go there!
  • I'm in love at all moments. 
7. If you could change or relive one day of your life, which one would it be?
I'd say tomorrow, if it ever comes. 
  • I want to be a poet and motivational speaker, knowing fully well I'll never be both. 
8. What one thing would you change about yourself?
My extreme carefree(-less) attitude. I could have written this post two days early, I should have, but I just said beh.

  • I have a funny lingo. I come from a Rajasthan, live in Bengal, with English speaking sober friends, and vernacular speaking drunkards. I can keep a conversation. Talk to me, pls? Rply? U der?
9. School or college?
Oh. College. Because GIRLSSS!
On a serious note, college because The Sardar and The Saxy!
Also, I am still friends with all my school-friends. So...
  • I have written posts on both school and college, care to read? I will be a marketing genius one day.
10. Celebrity you'd date?
Veronica D'Costa, Naina Talwar, Meera Pandit, Shantipriya, Meenamma and Leela. 

Dude. Stop Staring. She's my wife.

  • I know I didn't answer the questions in order and in ways they were supposed to be, but yeah, that's me, the one who doesn't really care much about order (exception: Exam hall)

I know, too long? Okay, quick introductions for people who do not know, Liebster is given by a fellow bloggers to each other because well, everyone else is busy. Questions are asked and they are supposed to be answered in a just manner. Then the recipient passes on these awards with their questions. Its fun. Here's Sreesha, who is our host, and who gave me the award. 

And I am giving the awards to...assuming I also have ten awards to give. (I don't know many bloggers, so I might keep a few awards with myself, or maybe I am just greedy!)
  • Anand Saraf, amazing amazing person. My favorite post
  • Anjan Roy, how does he write so much so timely? My favorite post
  • Saurav. I have lost the link to your blog. My computer's formatted and stuff like that. Pass it to me, if you happen to read this? 
Umm, big problem here, I have no other person, that I can give this award to. My forgetful memory. So, I'll give them to bloggers I idolize. I never cared about the rules much.
  • Soham Roy. Blog's name, Great Indian Curry? Do you need more!
  • Debajyoti Ghosh. Favorite Post. He's funnier than Kapil Sharma!
  • Prayag Verma. All the blogging tutorials. 
  • Anu. Amazing Poet. Writes mostly in Hindi. Her blog. 
  • Ayushi Bhatia, oh what amazing writer this lady is. I am so shy of trying to talk to her that I will not even tell her I gave her this award. Favorite Post, My blogging world's crush!
  • Amit Agarwal. I know your blog is tag free. Still, THIS poem. (Okay, I lost his blog's link, and my search is getting no results. Sorry. Will update.)
  • To the guy who gave me my first Liebster earlier, I have lost your contact, I couldn't revert back to you, I am sorry. If you're there, have this award and forgive me! :)

Now now now, questions time!

1. What would you be doing, if money was not a factor?
2. What is the one event of the past you regret most?
3. What is the one thing you think that would make world a better place?
4. What is the word that you use the most?
5. Which is your favorite book/movie?
6. What is your favorite blog post, that's is not written by you?
7. Have you ever had a paranormal experience? 
8. What is important?
9. What is one lesson we all can learn from you? *serious*
10. Why are you so special? 

Disclaimer: I do not expect a reply or a blog post. I know its difficult. Most of you receive many awards like these, so I am not hurt. I am a big boy. Thanks for reading. 

And I have broken all the established rules of Liebster, so sorry anyone's who's offended. 

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