Monday, November 11

Two years- thousand page hits and some more lessons!

Hey! Yes, its been two years, today's my blog's second birthday. Amazing, isn't it? 
I would not say it feels like yesterday, because its been a long journey and I can recall almost everything, that it actually feels like I have been doing this forever. I can't even imagine my life properly before I started blogging, I mean, I feel like I have always been called thelostdigga, which is cool by the way, isn't? 

Before I start off and tell you what an amazing journey this has been, I'd like to say thank you, thank you for reading, thank you for promoting, and thank you for motivating. I have no shame in admitting once again that if it wasn't for the support I got, I would have quit blogging a long time back. So, again, thank you. I had almost forgotten, I have never acknowledged the people who got my facebook pages some likes, Geetika, Gaurav and Nikhil, I still won't. 

When I wrote a post on the osLt's last birthday, I wrote about how futile celebrating birthday is, and cool stuff like that, then I turned 21 and realized its not that futile. Birthdays are cool if you have good people to celebrate it with. 

Now, there are certain things that I learned from blogging, things about writing itself and the general things and I'd like to state them, for myself so that I do not forget them the next day:

#1. Editing is of utmost importance. Ernest Hemmingway said, 'Your first draft is shit!' and I agree with him wholeheartedly. My most loved posts like 'An Ode to the Nice Boys' and others did start with a wild thought in the middle of the night, but when I put those thoughts on paper, they were a mass of unconnected ramblings, nothing else. If you want to write well, edit whatever you wrote today, on the next day, and then the next day. Works wonders. 
This post is unedited as I am typing it today only and there won't be any time to edit. You will find the errors in this and realize what I am saying. I hear Kareena Kapoor saying, 'Ye demo bada achcha dete hai!'

#2. People get over surprises. I have to explain this point. You know when I started blogging, I got amazing response for the first few weeks from my friends, and then they moved on. They realized I blog, and they accepted it. Then, they started filtering, they'd read only if it was recommended by others, only if they liked the topic and things like that. Now, they wouldn't be surprised if they saw a post in their feed. It took me a while to accept it, and it, in the long run, helped me write only good quality posts. I couldn't take my friends for granted. 
But I'm sure, you will make an exception today, its my second birthday! Please!

#3. Endorsing something coming from an unfamiliar source is way easier than endorsing something coming from a familiar source. You know how people on facebook share everything they get their hands on? I have seen people sharing a cute picture of boy holding girl's hands with a some random quote, and the same person refusing to share my post about love. I bet they'd not share if I post the exact same thing on the blog. It just doesn't work like that. 
And to all the friends who share without me breathing down their neck, you should know, I love you.

#4. If you don't enjoy something, stop doing it. For a brief period of time, I couldn't frame a proper sentence, I tried and tried. Yet, it didn't make any sense. I quit writing for that period of one month. It came back. And here I am, still unmoved. 
I don't even know, if this point makes any sense. I guess what I mean is, sometimes to be happy, you have to let go of things that make you happy. 

#5. Readers are temporary, friends are forever. I try my best to reach the people who read this blog (even harder if she's a girl). Being friends with your readers is vulnerable as well, they now treat you as a person and they see through you, they see how you're the same insecure idiot, unlike how you claim on the blog. But it still is worth it, you know?
They also motivate you, and send you screenshots of their friends who read hTe osLt and loved it. 

#6. Substantial is essential. You are good at something, do it. Or try doing it. My cousin loves singing, and only a few weeks back, he sent me a YouTube link with him singing on the stage with his band. It wasn't groundbreaking, he said, but it was a start. I have lost the link, or I would have shared it. 
I don't mean, you should show your stuff to someone, what is essential is you should do it. It is such a confidence booster. 

#7. Be in love with someone. I think I have written way too many anti-love posts that people would think I'm joking if I tell them to be in love. I have failed to maintain that I don't hate love per se, I just hate how its got clouded with other unnecessary stuff. Being in love with someone, is a nice feeling, it hurts at times, like when you're with them, they're not, they are thinking something else, talking about something else, I admit, it all hurts. But, the nice butterflies parts overshadow everything, like when they are with you, thinking something else, talking about something else, still they choose to be with you. 
Aah, I get so touchy on this, I have no footnotes to provide.  

#8. Grudges are for kids, and why be one when we can make one? I had to creep you, I have this innate ability. You know, I used to hate people who told me they'd read and then forgot about it. I really loathed them. But then, things changed when I realized they had other stuff to do, and their forgetting reading a single post is not worse than my being not there when they needed. Like I said in #2, people move on, and sometimes they don't come back and you have to be okay with it. 
So, it'd be ironical if it reaches since you've stopped reading, anyway, lets try. I want to thank you for giving me at least three minutes of your life. 

That's all for today, now its your turn to wish me! 

lessons from blogging

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