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Dhoom 3 Review: The Unintentional Funny

Dhoom 3 Review: The Unintentional Funny

I've watched the movie in parts. I had to take stress breaks. I’ve written the review while watching the movie as well so it’s pretty abstract. It also contains spoilers but I don’t think that is going to hamper your movie watching experience in any way.

I highly recommend you read it once after watching the movie.

Summary of Dhoom 3

  • Action scenes are comical and comical scenes are sad. They are still using the jokes based on Uday Copra’s weak English. Didn’t we have enough of that in the last two movies? Most of the stunts are lifted from Dhoom 2. Aamir just replaces Hrithik in every frame. At least, Hrithik could dance better. The action scenes that are new are so cringe worthy that you’d really have to be patient to not cry or sarcastic-clap. And why does the car that explodes has to land right ahead the spot where the wheelie stops so everyone is unscathed? I mean can we have something new in stunts dept. please?
  • Uday Chopra delivers a whole two minute social message. Uday Chopra keeps on repeating how he is so handsome and all. Man, what an irritating piece of plastic. In one sequence, he wears a pirate costume and while chasing Abhishek Bachhan disguised as someone else, shouts in a very thick Indian accent, ‘hey you Indian thief’ and shit like that. I don’t know why I find that so irritating maybe because Uday Chopra.
  • It’s like the technicians have only recently discovered the slow-mo cameras and so they keep on using it throughout. Metro is passing, use slow-mo. Aamir is grunting, use slow-mo. Uday Chopra is trying something, use slow-mo. Katrina is dancing, use slow-mo (though no complaints here).
  • Pritam forgot that he himself composed the music in previous installments. If he knew it was his, he wouldn’t have used it in this one. The Dhoom Machale track is everywhere in the movie. It makes more appearances than Katrina Kaif. I was in the washroom and I heard the music playing, I kid you not.
  • Aamir Khan is THE perfectionist here. He tries to achieve perfection in one and only one expression. He plays two characters, the one who gets introduced first has one single expression the entire movie. The second one was far better, and he also gets the reward, kissssss Katrina.   
  • It’s a bike. It’s a boat. It’s a plane. No, it’s a submarine. Okay, I don’t really mind these bikes cum everything else much; we all believe that sort of thing in Transformers and all, right? What bugged me here is Aamir acting all scared and frightened when he gets into situations where he can easily escape with his super bike. If he knows, which he obviously does, why is he scared, just fucking escape?
  • We all have our favorite lines. And here the line seems to be a couplet, bande hai hum uske, hum pe kiska zor.. It gets repeated 300 times. Or maybe 700. I think the person who wrote it charged a little too much and so the makers thought to use it every now and then.
  • Victoria! BOMB! I’d love to diffuse that sort of bomb man! Someday!

Review in short

Dhoom 3 is a very good film, its just a little long (two hours and thirty minutes to be precise). Haha, I am funny right? It was also the first movie where I cheered for Katrina, God she looks amazing. Though she looks like she has just come back from some shampoo ad, but man, she is just so hot. Dhoom 3 is clich├ęd and predictable. There are some instances I still remember. Like the entrance of Katrina Kaif, she auditions for some minor part in the Great Indian Circus run by Aamir and Co. but is outright rejected by everyone, except our Aamir, who gives her a chance and voila, Katrina is something else entirely. And about the plot on which the movie is based, Aamir Khan’s douchebag father takes a loan from the bank and when he is unable to repay it, kills himself. Aamir blames it on the bank, because well fuck logic and starts looting banks. Also, Abhishek aka Jai Dixit reveals the whole bank’s blueprint to a man he met a day ago. He later confesses after the robbery, ‘only three people knew about the blueprint’ Well that’s just great, out of those three; one is the circus man who you met a day ago? Cool!

The whole chemistry between the child characters is nice. I actually liked the whole Samar-Sahir sequence but felt it was underdeveloped.

You know Dhoom 3 is a sort of mainstream movie, watching which every critic rejoices silently. One can thrash every single minute of it and still get away.

If you don’t like the review, blame it on the music composers, the music was too loud for me to sleep. Having no option, I wrote this review.

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“Bande hai hum uske humpe kiska zor
Umeedo kai suraj nikle chaaro aur
Iraade hai faulaadi
Himmat har kadam
Apne haatho kismat likhne aaj chale hai hum”

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