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Xavotsav 2014- Annual Cultural Fest of St. Xavier's College!

There are voices playing in my head, I can still hear them screaming, ‘where are the PR sheets?!’, ‘Inform all the reps for the time and venue change’, ‘I’ve sent my OC to collect the Events list’, ‘why haven’t the judges score sheet reached yet?’, 'this is not how it happens in St. Xavier's College!' ‘where are all the volunteers!’, ‘Bhaiya, give me some work!’ These voices are so distinct and so clear that I can picture the faces saying them, all the super pretty faces that I could’ve punched out of frustration.

The desk is in total chaos, there are far too many people standing there without any idea of the work they have to do, asking, frowning, asking again and there are more people rushing in, asking for lists we haven’t made yet, asking for participants that haven’t arrived yet, asking for food that isn’t even our department, and asking us to shut the fuck up because we’re partial and we didn’t give them the slot they wanted, the slot that they so rightly deserved!  

Amidst all this massive confusion and chaos, there comes a moment, when you suddenly realize you’re the center, you’re the one who’s going to be blamed if anything goes wrong and you’re the one who’ll have to take control. In that moment, you can either disappear or stay, both equally fatal. I had the realization on the first day itself, and if it wasn’t for the people who were working with (not under, never say under) me, I’d have fainted on the second and third day. Being a part of Xavotsav was different this year in this one particular sense, I was not under the command of some senior, writing down whatever he was saying, gleefully without a care in the world because I knew he’d have to take the blame for my goof ups. My juniors were not like the junior I’d have been, they were not idiots, they knew what they were doing, and they did it all without being non-gleeful once! If anyone from my PR Desk is reading this, I sincerely thank you! J

I remember some confessions on Xavier’s Confession page in which people sent in something about the people who organize events and how they’ve not seen real life, how that’s not a real job and how their sense of being cool is so misplaced. I want to challenge those people- I can because I’d have agreed with them then. And now I know we couldn’t have been more wrong. I can list down hundred corporate lessons that I learnt from being a small insignificant part of organizing Xavotsav. Some to get you going-

·         Informal groups are far more vital than formal groups.
·         Some people will always get it easier than others because they know people.
·         No one has a complete idea of what is going on.
·         Most of the vital decisions that an outsider admires in awe are taken on the spot.
·         Some people actually LOVE working.

In the vast canvas of the goings of this world in which every colour is different, every colour is trying to overshadow another; there are few that mix perfectly, creating something so unique and so beautiful that you’re left wondering what just happened. You know the amazing moment when you realize there’s a bunch of people you can put your entire faith in and they’ll provide without a word of apprehension. Friendships, so so beautiful!

Just an out of the blue tip, want to know when you're having real fun? When you want to take a photo and you can't because people just keep on pouring in! 

I think we create differences for the mere sake of it, the fights, the politics, the favoritism; they are all the elements of an empty mind. When things get going, people have a habit of coming together automatically and working like an efficient machine.

st xaviers college annual fest xavotsav

I know we will all go our separate ways, move towards better things in life and might not experience something like this ever again together, but I also know we will not forget, one never forgets. Because well, C'est la vie- That’s life

Check attendance, calculate how many classes you can miss without changing your present grade and BUNK!

Here’s a link: St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata- Student’s Attendance Link

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