Behind The Scenes

Hey! I am Vineet. I am a student and I am learning, you know, singing, dancing, writing, reading, speaking, talking and many more things. Cut this pseudo-intellectual bullshit, I can hear you saying. Okay, so yes, I am literally a student, figuring out my role in this boring movie. I have stopped believing, I am the protagonist. Well, when you think about it, everyone is a protagonist. You and me. He and She. They and us. All a mere part in your story, you a mere part in their story. 

I am in St. Xavier’s College. Yes, the second best commerce college in India, groom hunters. I had to be in the second best college to realize that being in the second best college wouldn’t matter if I’m an idiot. Wish it had come a little earlier.

I am always free and I have active accounts on all the social media platforms (except LinkedIn, I don’t know man, never got used to it) 

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…and the world’s laziest person and our photographer.

I am such a bad person; I didn’t want to put her introduction in here. People like the photos more than the posts. So unfair. Anyway, here is a brief introduction to Shristi and details as to how you can contact her. I am not that bad after all.

[Space to be filled when Miss Busy realizes she’s the one who’s supposed to write something here]

That apart, most of the photos are taken by her. They are her own property, neither you nor I can use them without her permission. You can reach her here Shristi Dhandharia | Facebook

…and the people who promised me a great deal of Facebook likes, our Facebook Page Admins.

I am not sure if they want their names to be disclosed, but who cares, they broke their promises, I will break mine. 

Gaurav Digga | Geetika Sarda | Nikhil Jeerawala

I am just kidding. Thank you guys, I will put your photos in some days. Allow me to procrastinate. 

Since the opportunity has provided, I should also mention here that, the photos in the earlier posts were taken from [via] Google Images. If I have missed out on giving proper credits please leave me a mail and I will update them the soonest I can.

And yes, without the support of the people who read and suggest and love and share, I think I'd have left blogging a long time back. Thank you! 

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